The Symphony Isles are divided into sectors called Zones. 

Normal Zones

Vibratto Valley

Amerinity = Transparent

Vibratto Valley is the very first area in the game that's unlocked. This is the area where the player resides. It's the most populated area in the game. Some notable landmarks include: Fortissimo Town,  and  Pianissimo Pavillion

  • Gavotte Grove
  • Minuet Mountains
  • Energico Earths
  • Sonatina Seas
  • Rubato Rainforest
  • Clavier Cove
  • Courante Cave
  • Stretto Summit

Special Zones

  • Operetta O-Zone
  • Harmony Hellzone
  • Choir Clouds
  • March Meadows

"The Zone That Never Was"

A plane of reality that exists between the plane of reality, and a plane of illusion. It's a dimension that not only exists, but doesn't exist at the same time. Legends say that it was the where the world began, and where the world will end. It's where the final battle will take place.

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