The Friendliest Child - Mac
Full Name MacGowen Marco Roystar
Current Age 6
Date of Birth Anytime
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Fortissimo Town
 MacGowen (マクゴーエン ,Makugooen) is one of the Rival Children, in ~Wild World~ . Mac is an extroverted and very friendly child. He shares his father's determination and his mother's love for boxing. Although he is full of energy and is very extroverted, he doesn't like being in large group of people.

MacGowen's BirthEdit

In order for MacGowen to appear in game, Buddy and Jenna must get married and send you a letter,revealing that Jenna is pregnant. 9 monthes later, they'll send you a letter saying that they've had a baby boy.

After getting that letter, you must go to their home,to activate a cutscene where you are introduced a newly born, MacGowen lying in Jenna's arms as she is still recovering from the delivery. After getting through the cutsccene,you won't be able to interact with "Mac" until he is grown up.