In ~Wild World~ there is a wide variety of interesting characters to interact with. Each person has their own unique story, and it is up to you to discover what it is. You can develop relationships with them, and some villagers can even be romanced then eventually married. Some villagers are also the leaders of guilds, which are places where you can earn buffs to improve your stats.

​Future Plans

  • The Guild Leaders will be identified by Symbols on their mugshot
  • Guild Members will have a star with the guild Emblem on it
  • You can ask villagers to do favors if you're friendly enough
  • Villagers,can grow to Hate or Love you
  • If your reputation is low enough, you will be kicked out of the guild. If your reputation can make a turnaround they'll let you back in.
  • It may be possible for you Murder Villagers if you have an Awful Reputation,but it might not be implemented
  • There will be a Max of 150 Villagers.
  • You will be able to rank up in the Guilds, thus increasing your buffs.
  • More may be added*


Main Characters

Guild Leaders

Leader Summary Additional Info

Medley Alto - Finished

Medley Alto

Medley Alto. Leader of the Symphony Guild. She's very high class woman, who looks down upon those who are in lower economic classes than her, and is always pampered like a princess.

She's quite talented at playing the piano, and has singing voice that can be described as mezmerizing. She can be classified as being a "Himedere" .

Her birthday is on the 16th of March.

Unlike the other Guild Leaders, Medley refuses to wear the leadership armband. She states that such clothing items aren't befiting of a lady.
She's rumored to be a Siren, disguised as a human. Only an idiot would believe that.
Medley has a twin sister, named Melody. They both run the symphony guild together.
Rumor has it that she has hair extensions, and false eyelashes.

Guild Members

Regular Villagers

Akataro Mugshot Ahnarahn Mugshot Hanii Mugshot Verne Mugshot Axel Mugshot Moira Mugshot Rohs Mugshot

Akataro Rohouoh

(Justice Guild Leader)

Orenaran Ahdo

(Mining Guild Leader)

Hanii Remon

(Cooking Guild Leader)

Verne Chemidor

(Medic Guild Leader)

Axel Azuru

(Marine Guild Leader)

Moira Clipse

(Adventurer Guild Leader)

Rohsario "Arlo" Etta

(Botanist Guild Leader)

?Champions Orion Mugshot Medley Mugshot Sketch Mugshot ?Champions Subar Ashii Mugshot Silas Mugshot
(Animal Caring Guild Leader)

Orion Pholumin

(Wizardry Guild Leader)

Medley Alto

(Music Guild Leader)

Colores Bosquejo

(Art Guild Leader)

(Tien Guild Leader)

Subar Ashii

(Dragon Fist Guild Leader)

Silas Darkmoon

(Design Guild Leader)

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