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Bryce -~Wild World~ (Transparent)

Bryce- (~Wild World) *Wedding*

Bryce- ~Wild World~ (Wedding)

Full Name Bryce Xero Hayner
Date of Birth December 25th
Gender Male
Species Mutated Human
Location Fortissimo Town
Ability/ies Cryokinesis
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 6'0
 Bryce (ブライス) is one of the 13 male marriage candidates from the Fanon game, ~Wild World~ . He is a very cynical ice-elemental, who take residence in Fortissimo Town. He has been cryogenically frozen under the town hall, for about 2 years and seems rather cold and bitter, but on the inside he's just confused and lonely. He can't actually control his powers, but tries to in any way he can.


Bryce is a sky blue,human being,who is slighty sadistic. He is over average height,he has snowy, white,unkept hair, He has dead ,white eyes and wears a metal brace around his neck,that regulates his temperature and the effects of his powers. Along with his brace, Bryce also has a White.Blue and Black,Superhero Lapel, two grey, matching arm braces and White and Blue shoes.

How to Unlock


In order to unlock Bryce, you must first figure out the code to the basement of the Town Hall. The code consists of various characters, however there are various riddles found around Fortissimo Town that can help you get the code to the basement. The various riddles go as so:

  1. "The flowers are in full bloom" :  Behind Nirmala's Flower Shop (3465)
  2. "The place where it all began" : Spring of Beginning (1738)
  3. "A rose by any other name just as sweet" : Cafe (HY-C)
  4. "It may become quite a shock to me" :Lyai (LYAI)

After following the riddles,finding the pieces of the code and inputting the code, you are finally allowed into the basement. There are a lot of creepy things down there, but as you reach the end of the basement hall, you see a capsule, with frost on it it,as you wipe the frost off,you see a person inside,and you decide to open the capsule which unlocks Bryce and activates his cutscene.


An Ice Cold Story Arc (Bryce Reputation Events)

Grey Happiness Event (Emergence)

When you first meet Bryce, he rises from his sleep and turns his head towards you and he just stares at you blankly for a little bit, but after a while, he stands up and proceeds to say: 

" Hmph, so you released me,huh...HahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! Wow, I'm free....I will exact my revenge! I knew these idiots couldn't keep me restrained. I WILL MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ME!! THEY KNEW I WAS IN HERE!!!!! I AM BRYCE,AND I REFUSE TO BE A PRISONER!  Smell ya later, Loser!!! "

Bryce then decides to bust out of the Town Hall,freezing everything in his path,while also making a massive hole in the wall. You are then confronted by the mayor and Chad ,who nearly has you arrested for unleashing such an abomination, but the mayor being more amiable, finds a better solution instead.  That solution being that you have to catch Bryce above all else.

Purple Happiness Event (It's very Ice to meet you)

After embarking on the A.R.C.T.I.C mission

Wedding and Afterwards

After getting through the Gold Heart Event, you both agree to a day for your wedding, which will take place in the Town Plaza. On the day of your wedding,you will wake up and will automatically be transported to the Plaza. You and Bryce will both be wearing your wedding attire, (yours just being a really nice looking Tux or Dress,while Bryce has on a golden and fancier version of his normal outfit). Everyone will be attending your wedding, and Lyai is crying her eyes out,because her baby bro got married.

"Hey....when we first met, I was confused and felt like nobody understood what was happening, but now I can see that I didn't need to bottle up my emotions, Thank You... (Insert Player's Name).  You'll forever be my special loser *Grins*. 

You both then put your wedding rings on each other and Bryce then kisses you. 

Bryce- ~Wild World~ (Wedding)

Married Life

After the wedding,Bryce doesn't come to live with you in Fortissimo Town, but resides in the Arctic Zone,trying to control his powers,so he doesn't hurt you and your family. He does however visit very often to check on you and your children,if you have any. He sometimes goes into town as well.

  • 9:30 PM - 5:30 AM - Arctic Cabin (Asleep)
  • 5:31 AM - 8:30 AM - Arctic Cabin (Awake)
  • 8:31 AM - 11:00 AM - Training  (Arctic Zone or Fortissimo Town)
  • 11:01 AM - 4:00 PM - Cafe
  • 4:01 PM - 4:30 PM - Power Plant
  • 4:31 PM - 6:00 PM -Training (Arctic Zone or Fortissimo Town)
  • 6:01 PM - 9:29 PM - Arctic Cabin (Awake)



If you've married Bryce,there are 4 different Personality types,that your children could have. The type of chores that your child can do,depends on their Personality type. Different events are triggered depending on the personality.

Personality Types
Lone Wolf


Bryce's Traits Your Possible Traits
White Hair Your Hair Color
Blue Skin Your Skin Color
Blank Eyes Your Eyes
Ice Powers No Powers
Electricity Powers (Recessive) Hidden Quirk (Recessive)
Height Height


Quest Name Description Reputation Points