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Darrius-Fawn (Wild World)
Full Name  ????(Mr.Buck)
Date of Birth August 16th
Gender Male
Species Goatperson/Human
Location Fortissimo Town (Bewilder Woods)
Height 7'1


???? (Mr.Buck or ミスター・バック) is one of the 12 male marriage candidates from the Fanon game, ~Wild World~ . He is a quiet ,but very determined Goatperson who takes residence and guards the ever elusive Bewilder Woods , which is to the north of Fortissimo Town. Not much is known about him, but he does take pride in what he does,especially when it comes to wood crafting and takes initiative,when it needs to be taken. 


A mysterious Goat...Person...Thing? Who takes great pride in the work that he does. He is very tall , African-American,and has long,grey pierced pierced goat-like ears. He has a small black afro and smokey black hair/fur as well. One of his more defining features is that one of his arms is similar to that of a human,whilst the other one is more similar to that of a Goat. He also has Satyr like legs (also,coming equip with a very bushy tail). He has Jet black eyes and a crimson cape, that he wears around his shoulders.

How to Unlock?


To unlock Mr. Buck,you have to get the "Talisman of Flora" and Unlock the Bewilder Woods . After unlocking the aforementioned Woods,you must acquire the "Battered Basket" which is located not too far from the entrance of the woods. Being one of the largest areas in the game,the "Bewilder Woods" are quite hard to navigate through, but to get to where Mr. Buck resides, you must use these directions: (↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→,↑,→,↓ ). Though it may seem like you're walking back from where you came,you're actually walking on a secret path,that leads you straight to Mr. Buck,as the forest layout changes every time you enter a new section of the forest. After finding his residence and returning his basket to him,he will now be available as a Bachelor.


Reputation Events

Grey Happiness Event (First Encounter)

When you first find Mr. Buck he'll be outside with his pet bear Wuzzy, cutting lumber outside of his cabin. After he's done, he turns to find that you have been standing there and says this:

"SOMEONE FOUND THIS PLACE!?  H-How did you find your way must know this Forest extremely well....I knew this was going to happen eventually, please..don't tell anyone about this place or how to get here. Oh wait,is that my basket?? I've been looking everywhere for it, thank you"

Afterwards,he hands you a Superb Pine-Cone,that has a very pleasant scent and retreats back into his cabin, you can't follow him,as Wuzzy is guarding the entrance.

Grey Happiness Event

Purple Happiness Event (Timid Introductions)

If you continue to come to visit Mr.Buck, his purple heart event,will be achieved. Noticing that you have continuously visited him,he becomes more interested about you, and wonders why you haven't run away from him. He then comes up to you doing and saying this:

"......*Sticks out hand*...... " Hi my name is Dar- I mean... Mr.Buck it's very nice to meet you....., you're not like other don't get me. Wow,that's very peculiar, I-it was nice to meet you, I must go now. I have some forest-based things to attend to"

After shaking his hand,he then retreats back into his house,and like before you cannot follow,as Wuzzy is guarding the entrance.

Purple Happiness Event

Cerulean Happiness Event (Welcome to my humble abode)

If you still continue to visit Mr. Buck his Cerulean Heart Event will eventually be achieved. After coming this time, Mr. Buck, asks him to follow him and will allow you to come into his house, and even introduces you to his pet bear,Wuzzy.

After this, the following is said: "Hey,*Insert your character's name here* I'm glad that I finally met someone who actually, doesn't call me a monster or want to kill me. Haha, i'm glad to have met you"

You are allowed to enter his house at any time, after this, and you befriend,Wuzzy.

Blue Happiness Event

Green Happiness Event (A gift..,For me?)

If you still continue to visit Mr. Buck, and complete the quest that involves, looking for Wuzzy throughout the forest, his Green Heart Event, will be achieved. Instead of you visiting him,he comes and visits you with the assistance of Wuzzy, who knows your scent very well. It'll be the middle of the night,and he'll knock loudly (Waking your character up) and leave a gift/W a note for you.

The Note reads:  "My Friend, i'm glad that you've helped me to find my companion, the job wasn't easy,but i'm so glad I could count on you, Thank You ever so much"

When you open the gift you then recieve a piece of Old Amber.

Green Happiness Event

Yellow Happiness Event (Thanks for looking out for me)

After returning to the Bewilder Woods,and freeing Mr. Buck from a beartrap meant for Wuzzy, you unlock the Yellow Heart Event. Once You return back to the cabin,with Mr.Buck and Wuzzy, then tend to Mr. Buck's wounds.He then proceeds to say this :

"I can't believe people would do this!!  Leaving traps so innocent animals could possibly hurt themselves...My best friend could have been hurt on that. i'm so glad you don't do crap like that. Thank you,for looking out for me"

After he says that,he says it okay to leave,as he can handle himself on his own.

Yellow Happiness Event

Orange Happiness Event (TYPHOON!!!)

After the Roaring Waters' Quest is complete, you unlock the Orange Heart Event. During the event,after making the rainstorm come, you try to get home, but you are then swept away by a strong current, made by the rain. Mr. Buck' then comes and saves you from drowning, suggesting that you should stay with him until the storm settles down. You agree,and you wait in his cabin until the storm dies down. After the storm passes, he and Wuzzy escort you home. Once you get you your house,Mr. Buck says the following.

"Today was a crazy day, huh *Chuckles*. Hey, I got this for ya,while ya were summoning the rain and whatnot,I hope you like it"

He then hands you another gift, which is revealed to be a Pristine Crystal

Orange Happiness Events

Red Happiness Event (A place where we only know)

After continuously visiting and becoming more friendly with Mr.Buck, you'll eventually unlock his Red Heart Event. During the event, Mr. Buck visits you during the middle of the night and asks you to come with him. You agree and he takes you to a wall, however this isn't any ordinary wall as you can phase through it. Once in, it reveals a beautiful area, isolated from everything else. This place is known as the "Garden of Eden". After a while of talking and having fun, Mr. Buck says the following:

"You know what's funny,I know your name, but i've gone and told you to call me Mr. Buck......, if you'd could also call me Darrius, that's my real name...but like most secrets you gotta keep quite about that too *Smirks.

Afterwards,Darrius and Wuzzy escort you back to your home,

If you are married to another Bachelor or Bachelorette,this is where the Mr. Buck  relationship specific events end.

Red Happiness Event

Silver Happiness Event (Remember this?)

After completing the Oil Spill Quest, you notice that Darrius hasn't visited you for a while,  You can't visit him, as the way to his house has been blocked off, by Wuzzy. Determined to see what is wrong, you go and slip past Wuzzy,who was conviently asleep and go into Darrius' Cabin. What you see shocks you as the house is a wreck and a goat monster is shaking in the corner, After a bit of denial, you then come to terms and accept that the monster is indeed Darrius and you approach him. As you get closer,he gets more and more violent,and in an attempt to calm him down,you hold out the first thing he ever gave you,the Pine-Cone. Darrius seems to recognize it as he calms down greatly, he then starts talking, although it sounds very gruff as he is still in his demon form,he says the following:

"Y-you still kept that,I gave that to you such a long time ago.....Why are you here,aren't you scared, I'm a monster... I don't know why this happens..I.... ."

You then nod your head,and kiss him. Once you do,he reverts back to the form that you are used to seeing him in,and blushes a lot. After getting over the kiss,he smiles at you,blushing a bit and says

"You are a special one,*Insert Character Name here*" He then proceeds to give you a kiss on the cheek and then starts cleaning his house.

Silver Happiness Event

Gold Happiness Event (The colors of absolution)

After presenting a "Feather of Paradise" to Darien,he the blushes,and tells you to follow him a third time ,eventually leading you to the Garden of Eden. There he leads you into the Glowstone Cave,located to the west of the garden and claps his hands. Once he does,the entire cave lights up and vibrant colors are everywhere. You two then sit down and watch the vibrant colors reflect off of the crystals. Darrius then proceeds to say this:

"We've been through a lot. How could I say no to you. You are a very interesting (Guy)/(Girl) and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.

you two then hold hands and share a kiss,under the billions of colors.

Gold Happiness Event

Wedding & Afterward

After getting through the Gold Heart Event, you both agree to a day for your wedding,which will take place in the Garden of Eden. On the day of your wedding,you will wake up and will automatically be transported to the Garden. You and Darien will both be wearing your wedding attire, (yours just being a really nice looking Tux or Dress,while Darien has on a really formal and white version of his crimson cape). A lot of animals are going to be present at your wedding, with Wuzzy acting as the ringbearer of sorts. After Wuzzy presents the rings,Darien says this

"The second I saw you,I knew you were different,you never left me....even when I did turn into a real monster,  we're going to be happy together, I promise.."

You both then put your wedding rings on each other and Darien then picks you up or kneels down to kiss you. 

Groomly Fawn- Wedding Darien

Married Life

Activated Reveal Event

After the wedding,Darien comes and lives with you in Fortissimo Town and even makes a couple of friends,too. His Schedule goes as follows:

  • 10:30 PM - 7:30 AM - Home (Asleep)
  • 7:31 AM - 8:30 AM - Home (Awake)
  • 8:31 AM - 11:00 AM - Shōten's Tea Shop
  • 11:01 AM - 4:00 PM - Random Places in the Bewilder Woods
  • 4:01 PM - 4:30 PM - Nirmala's Flower Shop
  • 4:31 PM - 6:00 PM -Bakery
  • 6:01 PM - 10:29 PM - Home (Awake)

Inactive Reveal Event



If you've married Darrius-Fawn,there are 4 different Personality types,that your children could obtain from him. The type of chores that your child can do,depends on their Personality type. Different events are triggered depending on the personality.

Personality Types
Lone Wolf


Ear Length

Short Fawn- Ears

Moderately Long Fawn Ears

Longer Fawn Ears

Longest of Fawn Ears

Horn Length

Shortest of Fawn Horns

Second Shortest of Fawn Horns

Second Longest of Goat Horns

The longest Fawn Horns Ever

(*Example of Fraternal Twins*)


Quest Name Description Reputation Points
The Chucking Wood-Woodchuck A woodchuck deep in the forest,is harming other animals in the forest,but throwing logs at them try taming it,that will probably help. +15
Oh where, oh where can my little bear be! Ah! Wuzzy is missing!! Where did he... a bear paw? Ah, that must be Wuzzy's footprint. Help Mr.Buck find his bear and save Wuzzy from the other bears in the forest,by taming them. +70
The water roars loudly! Find out the cause of a water block,deep in the forest and then stop the cause. +85
Chip off the old bark? Oh no, the trees in the forest are be deprived of their bark. Please find the cause of the disappearing bark and put an end to it +65
It's a Trap!!

MR. BUCK!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!! Buck has gotten himself stuck in a bear-trap. Follow Wuzzy and solve puzzles and try to get to Mr. Buck before it's too late.

It's those Dam Beavers Again! They're back and they've brought an army....please tame and round up all 100 beavers,then get them to unclog the water supply. +45

Finding something Crystal Clear!

Look for a strange artifact that has been lost in the forest! +25





 Perfect ApplePerfect PeachNice BasketMountain Carp, Pretear, Pristine CrystalBanana PuddingCrimson Lumber, Golden Lumber , Prinstine Pine-Cone.


Regular Apples, Regular Oranges ,Regular Persimmons ,Regular Oranges ,Regular Bananas ,Regular Coconut ,Ruby ,Sapphire ,Emerald ,Regular Lumber ,Pinapple Cake ,Vanilla Cake ,Shattered Crystal, Yarnball.


Popsicle , Pine Cone, Maple Leaf, Regular Lobster, Oyster, Pickaxe , Axe.


Junk, Beartrap , Animal Pelt (Squirrel,Bear,Deer,Wolf,Fox), Trash, Turtle Shell.


  • Though it isn't stated, Mr.Buck's entire name is : "LaDarrius (Darrius) Altiaire McFaun Barkley". He doesn't know anything past his first name however.
  • Darien found Wuzzy,when he was 3 days old,and has been accompanied by him since.
  • Darien's parents wanted nothing to do with him,so they left a 3 day old Darien out to die. However, Wuzzy found him and brought him back to his own family.
  • The Acronym of his name spells the word Lamb
  • Darien's Mother was a human,while his Father was a goat-person. His Mother's Father was a Succubus.
  • His color scheme was based off of the Pokemon Yveltal and his personality was made up during an RP on the AoW wiki.
  • Darien has had the most design changes,out of all of the characters.
  • When he was created,Mr.Buck was originally called Rammuel,then Romulus,then Altiaire and then Darien. His final name is Darrius,alternitavely Darrius-Fawn

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