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Platinum Star - By Yveltal717Yveltal717 Platinum Star - By Yveltal717
This was a game made by Yveltal717 .
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~Wild World~ Logo
Developer(s) LegendaryStar Co. (Yveltal717)
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Simulation
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan June 17, 2015

Flag of the United States December 16, 2015

Flag of European Union January 21, 2016
Flag of South Korea March 24, 2016

Media Included Wii U Disc
~Wild World~ ( also known as ワイルド・ワールド in Japan) is a 3D life simulator for the Nintendo Wii U, developed by Yveltal717 and published by Fantendo. It is the first game in the ~Wild World~ series and is the first ~Wild World~ game to be released for the Wii U. 


The story of ~Wild World~ follows the journey of Aaron. A fairly plain, but also peculiar rancher moving into a farm on a set of islands known as the Symphony Isles. While moving into their new home Aaron encounters a small fairy-esque creature, called a Ferocity Sprite. The sprite they find is called Galileo, and he appears extremely distressed. Galileo explains that the isles are in grave danger. Long ago, there were 5 guardians of the Symphony Isles. Saarhd of the Ember, Apoul of the Tide, Fenaries of the Grove, Onhxyri of the Tectonic and Axstre of the Heavens. They all worked together to protect the isles.

They protected the isles for years, but felt their power wasn't enough to protect them for long. So, the 5 deities combined their powers to create a creature strong enough to protect them. A creature known as the Caeliurge. The Caeliurge wasn't build to be a protector. It was meant to destroy what evil force would try to attack the isles. It had negative aura that always loomed over it. It caused destruction everywhere it treaded, and even caused the wildlife to become savage simply by being around them.  It got to a point where it couldn't exist anymore. It did more harm than good for isles.

After eventually confronting and subduing the beast, using what remaining power they had, the deities banished the creature to  a zone that existed out of the plane of reality. A zone only described as the "Zone that never was". The passage to the zone was sealed off by 150 different seals. The seals prevent foolish beings from entering and releasing the beast from the forbidden zone, but a looming, ominous presence emits from it. It's strong. So dangerously strong that it sent out a shockwave, that scattered 149 of the 150 seals  of the Forbidden Passage across the isles, with the one seal holding the creature back.  The force, being significantly stronger,  now has the ability to cause animals to become agressive. However, animals that share deep bonds with people, do not become agressive.

Now, it is up to you. A rancher recruited by Galileo. To find the 149 remaining Forbiddin Seals, tame the animals of the Symphony Isles to make them passive once more, and save the isles you now call home.

Playable Characters


In ~Wild World~ there is only one true playable character, which is defaultly named Aaron. Aaron, of course is a placeholder name, and can be changed at the will of the player. Aaron's gender is also decided by the player, as well as their overall appearance. However, for the sake of simplicity, default Aaron will look fairly basic. Aaron's role in the game is to revive the state of their new home, the Symphony Isles.

Male Aaron Female Aaron

Character Customization

As stated before Aaron can be customized. This has not been completely implemented yet.

Ferocity Sprites

Galileo Ronyx Tinnity Xanri Mizuro

Symphony Isles

The Symphony Isles are divided into Zones,that act as homes to many different varieties of animals.

The Symphony Isles

The Symphony Isles

Created by Yveltal717Created by Yveltal717

To see more about the Zones go here: ~Wild World~/Zones


The Symphony Isles also has a plethora of resources and various items,such as plants, ores, furnitures, ETC. Some of these resources can be refined, for higher trade profit. Some can be used to decorate your home. Some can even be used to cook delicious meals for the surrounding wildlife and yourself.

To see the full list of Items, go here : ~Wild World~/Items


To see the full list of villagers,check this out:  ~Wild World~/List of Villagers

The Symphony Isles has a wide variety of interesting characters to interact with. Being new to the isles and all, you might wanna get to know people. Each person is pretty unique in their own right, and it's up to you to discover what it is. All villagers have their own routines. Some belong to special groups called Guilds, and some villagers can even be romanced and eventually married. In addition to the marriage, you can also have children with the marriage candidates. It is determined that there will be 150+ villagers in the final game, including the marriage candidates.


Everyone is different in their own aspect. The same rule applies to the people in ~Wild World~. Every villager in the game, has a persona that links them to their personality. A persona is the basic outline of a villager's general character, and acts as way to categorize villagers. Each persona class  would  react differently depending on what actions you choose to do. 

For example, lets say you were taking pictures of each of the different personas. A villager with a "Romantic Persona" would probably blow a kiss at the camera, while a villager with a "Villain Persona" would probably either "A" obscure their face in a jerkish way, or "B" flip the camera off.

There will probably be 45 in the future, but for now there are 30.


The Adventurer persona is one of the many Persona classes found in ~Wild World~. Normally, they are often risk-takers and quite extroverted. These guys sure do love to wonder. You'll probably find these people in random places across a zone. Hey, sometimes they might even have a gift from their journey!

Persona- Adventure































In the "Symphony Isles" there are many gorups you can join, which are labeled as Guilds. These guilds not only helpo you to improve your relationships with other memebrs of the community,but they also help you by increasing the buffs in any given stat. Regarding guilds, you can be in multiple guilds all at once, but to partake in other guilds, you have to put yourself on standby, by simpling talking to the guild coordinator.

To look at the full list of guilds and members, follow the link here.

~Wild World~/ List of Guilds & Members.

Marriage Candidates


Bachelor Description


(*This Is Placeholder Art*)

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.59.23 PM

Persona: Athlete

"A lovable dude with a great attitude. Alistaire is the ultimate sport fanatic. He knows a lot about sports, and sportsmanship. He's always doing something active. He's also the mailman for the entirety of the Symphony Isles, he doesn't mind doing the exercise though.

If you present him with a flower of paradise, then you are able to marry him.

For more info on Alistaire. Go here:

Alistaire Info/~Wild World~


Persona: Lone Wolf



Persona: Innocent 



Persona: Troublemaker



Bachelorette Description



Persona: Patient



Reputation Bar - (Finished)

Forming relationships is a basic human instict. Like most relationships. It can be either exceptionally good, or exceptionally abyssmal. The same rules apply in ~Wild World~.

Your overall reputation is on a scale from +1000 to -1000. If you have a reputation on the postive side of the spectrum people will be more willing to become your friend,and will be more trusting of you. If you have a reputation on the negative side of the spectrum, people won't easily become your friend, and will be less trusting of you.

People who you have already become friends with, will refuse to do any favors you ask of them, and don't want to be seen with you public. You can easily get to either side of the spectrum, by the basic actions you do, but just know that having no friends in this game will literally lead to your failure.


Personal Reputation

Aside from your overall reputation. You have an additional reputation bar, that applies to every villager and animal in the game. Also known as your Personal Reputation Bar or PRB for short. This bar tells you how you fair with the villagers or animals you've interacted with. Like the overall reputation bar, it spans from from +1000 to -1000. However it is represented by little emoji like pictures.

Reputation Events

Event Description
Grey Happiness Event

Hey! You don't know this person yet and that isn't good as the entire game focuses around making friends,discovering new locations and taming animals.

Go now! Introduce yourself, you anti-social loser! Step out of your comfort zone a little bit and say hi to someone....

Purple Happiness Event

Hmmmm? What is this? The start of a new friendship? Possibly. Hey, just keep doing what you're doing. You seem to be doing just fine with that type of advice.

Keep on truckin on mate.

Blue Happiness Event
Green Happiness Event
Yellow Happiness Event
Orange Happiness Events
Red Happiness Event
Silver Happiness Event
Gold Happiness Event

Family Life

In ~Wild World~ in addition to farming and taking car of animals, you also have the ability to get married, and start a virtual family of your own. In order to get married you have to complete a set of specific tasks, in order to get an item known as the Feather of Paradise.



Back to Nature!

In ~Wild World~, there are a lot of different kinds of animals. There are 5 groups of animals. Avians,Mammals,Reptiles,Marine and Myth. Every animal in the game is classified into one of these five  groups. Each animal has certain abilities they can perform to aid you on your quest to bring peace back to the land. 

Future Plans

  • You will have a reputation with Animals
  • You can get praise from animals, which makes wild ones easy to befriend
  • If you have a good enough reputation with the animal,you can make then your pet
  • You will have a guidebook that has info on the animals you meet
  • You can craft items from the material that the animals provide you
  • There will be 1-3 Myth Animals person. AND THERE WILL ONLY BE A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE ANIMALS
  • You will be able to breed animals
  • There maybe be contests and acessories for your animals

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