(Infinite, born ???)
2950'00" Gender: Neutral
148,145 lbs Sexuality: Asexual




NAME Zyvoline
WEAPON The Book of Souls
The Reign Box
Elastic Heart
ALIGNMENT The Zaxinian Lifts' people
OCCUPATION(S) King of Zaxina (initially)
Locked away (Phase 1)
Mallory's ultimate form (Phase 2)
??? (Phase 3)
??? (Phase 4)
FAMILY Fandraxono (one third)
The Acebreaker (one third)
The Fandraxorcist (one third)
RELATIONSHIPS Zodiez (lost wife, Phase 0)
BIRTH LOCATION The Negative Wormhole
CURRENT QUARTERS Mallory's Hyper Ring






The initial Fandraxonian Zyvoline was the founder and first known ruler of the Zaxinian Lifts chronology, having been the origin of the separate deities known as Fandraxono, The Acebreaker, and The Fandraxorcist, all of whom were split from him during an intense battle with alien rival Silver Zin. He was at first a kind and fine ruler that displayed impressive talent as a cooperative bureaucrat, but eventually became corrupt with power following quickly growing obsession with his supposedly infinite potential with power. Following his downfall to the Zin bloodline and splitting into three separate individuals, he was buried in the heart of the Titanic Cave along with the "Reign Box", a powerful chest of tools that grants any individual the power of Zyvoline itself and the instructions to control the Lifts. If a great crisis came upon the Zaxinian Lifts, he would eventually resurface and restore his reign over the Zaxinian Lifts in an effort to reset authority using the power of the Reign Box. He woke up for the last time when Queen Mallory threatened a full takeover of the Zaxinian Lifts, and was subsequently destroyed while trying to prevent Syinara Wyne from stealing his box of power for Mallory's sake.

A Mallorian Zyvoline came into being following Fandraxono's death at the hands of a replicate of the original, with several changes from the Fandraxonian variation. This new Zyvoline, and the current one, has the powers of the Acebreaker and Fandraxorcist as well as Mallory's own, and is stronger than the original. This Zyvoline is very corrupt, cocky, and hotheaded, and very prone to causing death and destruction regardless of whether or not it's really necessary. However, this Zyvoline does not rely on having all three deities merged together, with Mallory instead opting to fuse their DNA into her own blood to trigger the transformation with much more ease. This Zyvoline lost the clever brawn and wit of the initial Zyvoline, but gained improved Shadow and Herald powers and mastered both classes, making her a very effective enemy and tool of mass destruction.

The only thing stopping any type of Zyvoline from completely controlling the Zaxinian Lifts is the citizens' wish for freedom and notable instances of combat in attempting to keep this freedom alive. It is a goal for Silver Zin and other Zaxinian heroes to keep hope and stay strong for their citizens, or Zyvoline's power will prevail and swallow the Lifts in an uncontrolled empire. Zyvoline possesses his own User Crystal, which beholds his history as well as much of the Zaxinian Lifts'.

Physical Appearance

Zyvoline is a deity of mass physique, being one of the tallest organic characters in the entire cast and some of the most impressive bulk of them all. This applies to both variations of Zyvoline.

Fandraxonian desc

Fandraxonian Zyvoline carries elements and aspects of Fandraxono, the Acebreaker, and the Fandraxorcist's designs. Zyvoline is donned in thick green-and-red bulletproof armor courtesy of Black Eyes', which is itself protected by layers of thick pale skin and gory guts and blood. Past the armor, one can see Zyvoline's very hollow innards, with a beating heart encapsulated in glass shown surrounded by wires and organs like the lungs and stomach, with ribs made from electric light protecting said heart and organs from damage. Two shadowy hands alike Fandraxono's stretch from under Zyvoline's armpits. An electric scarf just like the Fandraxorcist's dark yellow one surrounds his neck while his rather gory hands wield spiked gauntlets with long red blades sticking out from the knuckles. His torso splits into four long legs, with two of them being corpse-like human legs and the other two being tentacle-like spider legs, all of which are black or otherwise darkly colored. Though his backside is not typically seen, one can see six small black wings in the center with six feathers each and six bullet points spread evenly between each wing.

In regards to facial appearance, Fandraxonian Zyvoline has a wild looking face. It looks just as fleshy and messy as the Acebreaker's, but carries the bug-like eyes of Fandraxono and has the latter's type of hairdo. A lazy third eye just like the Acebreaker's is lodged right into the center of the forehead, while two huge horns stick out from the sides of the forehead. His teeth are just like Black Eyes', albeit smaller and put into a human-like mouth.

Mallorian desc

Mallorian Zyvoline bears similarities to the original, but there are several key differences. The skin isn't anywhere as torn-up, for starters, and the armor is much more dazzling and almost looks as if it were made for some fancy pop star. A lot of the darker colors in Zyvoline's old look like green, yellow and red are replaced by bright variations of violet, white, and pink. The two shadowy hands are completely lost in the transition and the Satan allusions on her back are all missing to indicate Fandraxono's removal from the mix. Mallorian Zyvoline also boasts a very fancy queen's crown and a huge knight's shield boasting her own personal insignia.

Valerian desc

TBA (Phase 3)

Zinnian desc

TBA (Phase 4)





  • Zyvoline was initially made as a cocky, unlovable super deity from the very beginning that was a combination between Fandraxono, The Acebreaker and Black Eyes. He was later remodeled into a fair ruler turned corrupt from immense power.

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