The day of judgement has ultimately come. It took so long to connect the puzzle pieces within my under this form, I will eagerly show you the wrath I have held within me since Creation Era. Your competence? I can feel your soul burning with a passion to put me to rest...but I refuse to be put back into the coffin that I laid in for thousands of years! Prepare, you green midget, for the grand finale.
Zyvoline, to Bowie

Current Age Indefinite
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Male
Species Humanoid
Align Evil
Current Status Immortal
Height 12'04"
Weight 405 lbs
First Appearance Fandraxonian Warfare

Zyvoline is the true creator of Zaxina, and is the origin of Fandraxono, The Acebreaker, and The Fandraxorcist, having been split apart into those three forms following a great war, the original soul being laid in a well secured coffin in the depths of Hell.  Zyvoline is incredibly violent, destructive, and by all means threatening to everyone in Zaxina, and could even threaten the Fantendoverse if taken outside boundaries.


Fandraxonian Warfare

Zyvoline's power from underground began surging when Endal woke it up, and it acts as a kind of parasite, controlling Endal from within its coffin to command him to do what he asks him to do.  Upon being awakened by either the heroes or Endal, depending on the chosen storyline, he will get out, merge with his old bodies, and bring forth the final battle.

Physical Appearance



Zyvoline was created at some point to create a new place full of harmony and spirit by other Gods, and he created that hyperspace as he was asked to.  However, the place began boring him rather quickly and he started attacking it, poking fun at the people and places he created, bringing some places even to their own dooms.  He was punished by the other Gods, and he was locked away for a long time.  He escaped this however and returned to his usual ways, prompting Black Eyes (Fandraxorcist) to separate from the body and successfully capture Zyvoline.

Black Eyes returned to Zaxina and made an incredible case that can only be unlocked by a God, much like himself, and time after time, Zyvoline will escape, only for Black Eyes to put him back where he came.  At some point, Zyvoline stopped and started building up power in secret, leading Black Eyes to think he was finally defeated - and because of that, he lived happily with the people there.  It wasn't long before he contacted a virus and was killed as a result - although his mind was eventually put into a green bear, and having lost sensibility, he became the Fandraxorcist.

The Acebreaker escaped the case due to his immense power, and he was unable to be stopped - so they just let him out and locked up the cage.  Due to the Acebreaker's lack of thought, he was unable to do what he wanted to and he just floated motionlessly into the air, circling Zaxina for no particular reason.  He did, however, create a few creatures out of curiosity, they were later known as the Fandraxonians, and they populated and became a new species.

Fandraxono was the last to escape, and like the Acebreaker, he had no real mind, although he had more of one.  He eventually joined Pierce Hazel on his journeys, having no clue on what he set out to do, and found Pierce's antics to be both funny and hilarious although they were really far from it.  Fandraxono still retains a lot of information about the past, and although he doesn't know why any of those events happened, he isi still proud of his unique and dark past.

As of now, Zyvoline has never really been brought into any canon project.  He appears in Warfare, but those events aren't truly canon.  Zyvoline's spirit is still deep underground, attempting to escape.


With the powers of Fandraxono, the Acebreaker, and The Fandraxorcist at disposal, Zyvoline's power range is pretty heavy and just about every attack, even simple jabs, is fatal.  Zyvoline can teleport anywhere granted, move planets, rearrange the stars and galaxies, kill a whole species with one snap of a finger, and many various other odd and very powerful techniques.  Despite this, much of his powers have been locked away, and he cannot do some of these techniques unless he kills those who prevented him from using those powers.


Zyvoline is very rude, ego-filled, and generally self praising, and considers himself to be the best there is, and kills anyone who disagrees with him.  He believes that fighting and power are the only things that matter, and he demonstrates this with his obscenely powerful abilities.  Zyvoline tends to think of everyone as underlings; he doesn't treat anyone like he treats himself.  He is also quite manipulative and doesn't really care what other people say or think, it's only his opinions that work according to him.