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  • Episodes ago, Golbat sends out a Zubat to take out Tiff and her friends for revenge. Now, Zubat is very close to Kirby and the others as they are meters away from their fourth gym badge.
  • (Theme Song Plays)
  • He's Kirby Kirby Kirby Kirby!
  • Kirby in a world of Pokemon, and that is to see.
  • Kirby on a little land of Pikachu, that's all that we need to view.
  • K-I-R-B-Y Kirby!
  • King Dedede: He won't get away with this you will see. For I'll will get him, just you wait!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • Kirby of the Stars is here and things will all be fine.
  • Thank you Kirby!
  • Thank you Kirby!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • K-I-R-B-Y!
  • Tiff (voice): Kirby and Pokemon!
  • (Episode Title Arrives)
  • Zubat!
  • (Episode Begins)
  • Zubat: The mission's almost close, I'm close to the target.
  • Golbat: What are they doing?
  • Zubat: There're going to the fourth gym and the Rainbow Badge.
  • Golbat: Do you see the gym leader?
  • Zubat: No, I don't.
  • ???: Hello?
  • (Zubat looks behind him to see someone hanging upsidedown on a branch)
  • ???: Looking for me?
  • Zubat: AH!
  • (Zubat falls out of the tree)
  • Kirby: Zubat?
  • (Zubat get up)
  • Zubat: Well, this stinks.
  • ???: Yes, yes it does.
  • Tiff: Who said that.
  • ???: Up here.
  • Tuff: And who are you?
  • ???: I'm Erika, the leader of the gym over there.
  • Tuff: Oh man, more spoliers.
  • Erika: And I see that Zubat is trying to kill you!
  • All Three: WHAT?!
  • Zubat: No I'm not.
  • Tiff: Would that be one of Golbat's?
  • Zubat: Yes, yes I am.
  • Kirby: Can you stop him?
  • Erika: Only you can do this. But I'm sure that I can help you.
  • Tiff: Kirby, suck it up... in a Pokeball!
  • Tuff: Memories.
  • Tiff: I know, eh.
  • (Kirby looks at Zubat)
  • Zubat: Oh man, I am so fired...
  • (Kirby tosses the Pokeball at Zubat and catches him)
  • Golbat (offscreen): ZUBAT, YOU'RE FIRED!
  • Zubat (in the pokeball): Oh course I am...
  • Erika: Good job Kirby. See you in the gym.
  • (Erika enters the gym)
  • Kirby: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!
  • Tiff: Yes! Let's!
  • "Erika and Kirby met, now the battle shall begin! What could happen in the battle between Charizard and Vileplume in the possible end? Tune in next time for the next exciying episode of Kirby and Pokemon"

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