The dark star of the Mario Party series
Item Type Collectible
Kind of Item Star
First Appearance Mario Party (1998)
Removes a Star from the player's star count.

Ztars, also known as Shadow Stars, Z-Stars, and Dark Stars, are a type of Star that have made frequent appearances in the Mario Party series ever since its first instalment. In most Mario Party titles, Ztars are corrupted Stars that act as the opposites of their golden counterparts, taking away a Star from the player instead of giving them one.

Mario Party 9 additionally introduced smaller Ztars appropriately named Mini Ztars. These Mini Ztars instead subtract from the player's Mini Star count.


New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.

Ztars make an appearance in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. as items that not only destroy all enemies, but also the ground and things like ? Blocks. They can be dangerous if Mario does not run extremely fast, he will fall.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest

Ztar's Stats
Location The Colosseum
HP 2800
Power 30; 45; 80
Defense 70
EXP 500
Coins 370
Items 2 Syrups

Training Badge

Ztar appears in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest as a boss. It is fought alongside a Dino Piranha possessed by him, with the Dino Piranha being referred to as "Dark Dino Piranha". There are also little Ztar-like enemies called Cosmic Dark Stars. These Dark Stars, as well as the Ztar boss, are minions of Lord Ztar.

Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest

A giant Ztar appears in Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest as the boss of the Startos planet. This Ztar can only be defeated by Light Mario.

Super Mario Stars

The Ztars are the main antagonists of Super Mario Stars. In this game it is revealed that the Ztars are the opposite of the Power Stars, and the Power Stars protect the kingdom from the Ztars. However, due to age, the Ztars attack and invade the Mushroom Kingdom. They're led by the Grand Ztar, the strongest Ztar. During the final boss, the Grand Ztar is eaten by Bowser and turns them into a new form. This form persists through the Plus Story.


Mini Ztar