Don't you think that darkness is evil...Those who judged darkness in a worng way are powerhungry and my creator's current state.
Zouméras, before the final battle.

Zouméras, leader of Overlight Bracelets.
Current Age ∞ (Immortal)
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Former Villain, Neutral-Good
Sundium (formerly)
Main Weapon(s) Overlight Guntlet
Ability/ies God Form, Killer's Soul, Infinity-Blocker
Vulnerable To Gamma Destortion
First Appearance Battle of Bracelets: The Forbidden Light
Latest Appearance Fantendo Nightmare
Zouméras is a former villain debuted in Battle of Bracelets: The Forbidden Light. He is nicknamed "The Light Monster".


He is strange yet easygoing with a cool aptitude, but once sick and monsterous. He will never accept defeat easily and think that he's an immortal (which is true), and alway attempts to defeats (murders if it is an enemy) his opponents. He cares deeply on his underlings, even those who opposed him. From the Overlight Truth and onwards, he become even more nicer yet held grudge against Aingeru for defeating him. He also have a huge hatred at Dark Bracelets and Death Bracelets, especially their respective leaders, Darkeron and Hades.

He also also tend to be extremely competative which helps him to be more intimidating against his foes. He also respect Sundium but decides to wonder on his own along with the other Overlight Bracelets after the latter get sealed away, which that Zouméras noticed that the former God of Light uses them as pawns. He also proves to be able to overcomes even his worst fears, making him a huge menace for Phobos.

He dislikes when evils abuses darkness, which is frequent in Fantendoverse. When potreyed as a villain, he dares to dupe heroes that light is good (but this leaves suspecious feelings).

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Feared Fist (A punch that makes foes cowered): 500 HP Alway
  • Sky Strike (Rains of lights fron the sky): 600 HP Alway
  • Flare Beams (Two beams from it's eyes): 400 HP each Alway
  • Water Cannon (Familair of Hydro Cannon from Pokémon but the user won't recharge after): 1000 HP Alway
  • Loud Screech (A screech that makes foes dizzy): 1000 HP Lv.5
  • Draco Tail (Swing it's tail with a dragon roar): 1500 HP Lv.6
  • Mind Outrage (Take control on an enemy for 15 seconds/2 turns): 2000 HP Lv.8
  • Parasite Stare (Uses it's eyes to immobilize an enemy): 2000 HP Lv.10
  • Über Strength (Throw a huge stone on enemies): 3000 HP Lv.15
  • Jewel Slash (Uses sharp jeweleries to slash an enemy): 4000 HP Lv.17
  • Freezing Wind (Mix of Ice and Wind. Freezes the enemies): 4000 HP Lv.24
  • Light Wave (Makes opponents cross-eyed): 5000 HP Lv.35
  • Shadow Struggle (Struggle an opponent with pure darkness): 5000 HP Lv.45
  • Space Slam (Body slam at opponents with the power of cosmos): 10000 HP Lv.56
  • Soul Creep (Traumatize opponents with his center eye): 10000 HP Lv.70

God Form onlyEdit

  • Steel Torture (Trap a foe with metallic chains): 15000 HP Lv.80
  • Shocking Genocide (Hits multiple foes with thunders): 20000 HP Lv.90
  • Sky Overload (Advanced version of Sky Strike): 30000 HP Lv.100
  • Rainbow Apocalypse (Uses a huge spheres of all elements to finish an enemy): OHKO (∞) Lv.101

Main AbilitiesEdit

  • God Form: Transform into a more godlike form to become more powerful and uses more powers. Activate automaticly when facing strong opponent.
  • Killer's Soul: If Zouméras' attacks misses, it's next attack will be multiplied by 1,5. (Cannot multiply further)
  • Infinity-Blocker: Completly blocks OHKO Powers. Also leaves Zouméras at half HP if a non-OHKO Power hits him and could defeat him when he got full HP.


  • Solar Field: Makes the stage surrounded by powerful lights. Greatly reduce non-Overlight Bracelets' Shadow Powers.
  • Immortal's Reviver: Revives a dead/knocked out teammate. Can be only used once per matches.


  • Overlight Guntlet: Permit the holder to uses it Powers without being reflected. Only used by Zouméras. Causes 1000HP damage.



  • His name is a pun of the Greek words "Light Monster".
  • Although thought to be destroyed in his debut, he's actually is alive and can be battled in the Maze of Banned Lights in Fantendo Nightmare.
  • He is the only Bracelet who is not human nor human-like at all.
  • His God Form is considered as an S-Rank God, equaled Hades' rank. However, fans debates to see if Zouméras is a real god or not.