Zoster is the Main Antagonist of Tak-Zac The Insect Prophecy, Zoster's Revenge, and Tak-Zac Are Back. He was a bug scientist who got kicked out of the Bug Scientist Group due to creating defective inventions. He then decides to get revenge by destroying the Bug World with his own technology.

Insect Prophecy

Zoster sends the Tarantula Tribe to steal the Loki Hearts and capture the Gold Locusts around the Bug World. He wore a mysterious mask through out the game until Tak, Zac and their friends realized it was actually Zoster himself. Zoster also kidnapped all the Bug Scientists and locked them in his underground lair, where Tak breaks them all out.

Zoster then goes into a giant robot to destroy the heart of the entire Bug World, but Tak and Zac manage to destroy it which sends Zoster falling into a portal of the Shadow World, presumbly to his demise.

His Revenge

However, it later turns out the Shadow Energy in the Shadow World transformed Zoster into a dark being. He then attacks the Ant Village and captures all of Tak's friends. Tak and Zac then went to many places fighting alot of Zoster's shadow minions and freeing their friends. The duo fight Zoster in his new lair in the Shadow World, with Zoster getting defeated and vanishes.

Arsenal Racing

Zoster later reappeared in Tak-Zac Arsenal Racing as an unlockable character.

Tak-Zac Are Back!

It turns out Zoster is back in his normal form after Tak literally beat the Shadow Energy out of him. He then builds robots called "Cy-Cidas" and powers them up with Shadow Energy. He even built himself a huge mothership to control his base of operations to destroy the Bug World again.

Tak, Zac, and Antstein found out about his plans and went on a journey to stop him. The trio later fought Zoster in the mothership and defeated him, but Zoster managed to escape and leads an assault with his Cy-Cidas to destroy the Gold Locust Heart to end the entire universe and create a new one. At the Gold Locust Temple, Zoster attacks the 3 heroes with a giant Cy-Cida who sucked up alot of Shadow Energy. The giant Cy-Cida sucks up Tak and Zac with Antstein fighting the creature on his own.

While Tak and Zac are inside the giant Cy-Cida's head, Zoster made his final appearence. Having to have been fused into the brain, he became a huge mutant and attacks the duo. Tak defeats the Brain Zoster which causes the entire Cy-Cida to shut down. Zoster then explodes and tries to take Tak and Zac with him, but instead the explosion causes the giant Cy-Cida to blow up with the duo escaping unharmed. The Bug World is safe once more now that Zoster is gone.

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