Zorz Wars is a Fan-Fic by Peanutjon (tbc). Plz do not edit unless you are in this.

Prologue: An Invention Gone Wrong

One day, King Plumber was working on an invention. "Now, to add the Vinegar..." But he accidentally added Baking Soda, which caused a huge explosion and created two beings. Rebmulp, a mad scientist, and Zorz, a strange being. Rebmulp and Zorz were at first friendly, but they saw how great it would be if they ruled Fantendo. So, Zorz used his powers to create Zorz Flames and Rebmulp started making inventions. It would be up to the users to stop them!

Chapter 1: Decision of the Villians

Zorz and Rebmulp were walking through the palace when they saw Plumber ordering a user. Then, Rebmulp thought something. "Hey, Zorz," Rebmulp said, "don't you think it would be awesome if we owned the kingdom?" "Yah!" "Well, I have a plan to take it over." "Ok..." Rebmulp whispered his plan into Zorz's ear. Zorz got an evil grin, then nodded. They set to work.

Chapter 2: Kidnapping of Plumber

Zorz walked into Plumber's Throne Room. Plumber was talking to an Admin. After the Admin left, Zorz tip-toed to behind the throne. He quietly cut a hole in the wall and looked out. Down below was Rebmulp with a trampoline. Zorz quickly flipped the throne as Peanutjon (tbc) was walking past. Peanutjon heard Plumber shout and ran back. Everything was normal, except Plumber was gone!

Chapter 3: Two Heroes Awaken

Peanutjon frantically looked all around the throne room. He ran all around the kingdom, and practically bumped into Uil Team (tbc) "Why are you so frantic?" asked Uil Team. "King Plumber!" started Peanutjon. "What about Plumber?" asked Uil Team. "He's gone! He disappeared!" Uil Team's face suddenly changed from calm to worried. "What did you see?" "He just...disappeared!" Uil Team and Peanutjon ran back to the throne room and saw it was true. But, Uil Team noticed something Peanutjon didn't. "Look, PJ!" he said. There was a scar in the wall right behind the throne! Someone had cut the wall! Uil Team and PJ ran to find some other users.

Chapter 4: Three Normal Users

PJ and UT ran to where SonicWiki (tbc) was and shook him. "Whoa whoa whoa!" shouted SW. "What is it?" "King Plumber!!!" PJ and UT shouted. "What about him?" PJ and UT dragged SW to the entrance to the throne room. They saw Plumber was right there! Or was it Plumber? The three walked up to it and saw the painted nuts and bolts. SW grabbed the Plumber and smashed it, releasing hundreds of little gears. "Ok, I'll help," said SW, "but shouldn't we find some sysops?" "I know who!" PJ ran off, followed by UT and SW.

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