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#571 Zoroark
Zoroark's artwork for Pokémon Black and White.
Category Illusion Fox Pokémon
Original Region Unova
National Dex Nr. #571
Unova Dex Nr. #077/152
Kalos #125 (Mountain)
Generation 5
Pokémon Color Gray
First Appearance Pokémon Black and White
Latest Appearance Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Type(s) Dark
Ability/ies Illusion
Average Height 5'03"
Average Weight 178.8 lbs.
Evolves From Zorua
Evolves Into N/A

Zoroark (Japanese: ゾロアーク Zoroark) is a Dark-type Pokémon. It evolves from Zorua starting at level 30.

Both it and Zorua were the first Generation V Pokémon to be revealed to the public on February 10, 2010. Zoroark initially debuted as a silhouette before being revealed in full.


Zoroark is a bipedal, gray-brown, fox-like Pokémon with crimson and black accents. It has a pointed snout and ears with red insides. It also has some red rimming its eyes and mouth. It has a large, red, voluminous mane with black tips, which somewhat resembles a ponytail, as a teal bangle down its length separates a mass of the mane from the lower portion. It has a black ruff on its upper body, pointed at the shoulders from which its arms extend. Its upper arms are thin, whereas its lower arms, while still slim, are bulkier. The arms have spiky extensions of fur at the elbows, and it has red claws on its hands and feet. Zoroark's eyes are red-rimmed with light blue irises.

Zoroark can create illusions that are indistinguishable from reality, deluding many people simultaneously. It can even create illusory landscapes in the forests where it dwells, to hide its territory and protect its den. However, Zoroark is incapable of physically changing itself into another form; it is merely capable of casting illusions. When a Zoroark takes the form of a human, it is capable of human speech. It can make convincing illusions of attacks, and these illusions are extremely realistic, enough to fool even cameras and make one believe they're being physically affected, though the illusion does not have any direct physical effect. Zoroark, along with its pre-evolution Zorua, are the only Pokémon capable of learning Night Daze.

Zoroark lives in groups, where unity is strong. It is extremely protective of those it cares about and will go to any lengths to keep them safe, including risking its own life, and it can hold grudges on those who harm its loved ones. Zoroark will hide its Zorua young in its mane to protect them and carry them around. There are stories that say Zoroark punishes those who attempt to catch it by trapping them in an illusion.


Super Smash Bros. Zero

Zoroark appears in the game as an unlockable character, replacing Lucario.

Super Duper Smash Bros.

Zoroark is an unlockable character who appears in Super Duper Smash Bros.

Info for Super Smash Bros. All-Stars


  • ZoroarkAllstars

    Zoroark's SSBA art.

    Neutral Attack - Claws area in front of thim.
  • Neutral side- Shoots a dark energy beam forward.
  • Up Tilt - Jumps and kicks while in midair.
  • Down Tilt -  Punches with his fists on fire.
  • Dash Attack - Does a somersalt.
Special Moves
Mii's Special Moves
Standard Special Night Slash
Side Special Foul Play
Up Special Rollout
Down Special Illusion
Final Smash

Illusion Forest


  • Up - Temporarily turns into a stump.
  • Side - Burrows into the ground, and jumps out of the hole and fills it back up.
  • Down - Turns invisible for a moment.


Fades in from invisibility.


Jumps up and down.


Claps to the winner while turning grey.



Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense


  • Zoroark was first revealed by Junichi Masuda as a silhouette in the February 7, 2010 edition of Pokémon Sunday. Its full image was later revealed in the March 2010 issue of CoroCoro, alongside its pre-evolution, Zorua.
  • Due to its debut before Generation V in Zoroark: Master of Illusions, it can be seen as a parallel to Lucario, which debuted in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, prior to the release of Generation IV. Unlike Lucario, however, Zoroark was revealed at the same time as its pre-evolved form.
    • They both share the same names in Japanese and English versions of the game, have the same Gender ratio, are in the Field Egg Group and need 1,059,860 Exp. to reach level 100.
  • Though evolving from Zorua at level 30, pre-release information from CoroCoro suggested it would evolve from Zorua by a method different from known evolution methods. What this method might have been if it was true is unknown.


National Pokédex
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