Zorgulon in War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Full Name Zorgulon
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Alien
First Appearance War of the Monsters
Latest Appearance War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge
Zorgulon is the loyal servant of Cereboulon and first appears in War of the Monsters.

Video Game Apparances

War of the Monsters 2: Cereboulon's Revenge

A giant alien invader. Zorgulon appears to resemble the aliens from "Mars Attacks!" As an unlockable character, Zorgulon's origin story is not revealed in the game beyond his allegiance to the alien invaders. The creators have since revealed his origin as being king of the alien invaders, but consumed the radioactive waste and became addicted. He came to Earth looking for the waste from the spaceships. Zorgulon's long range special involves the creature summoning a squadroon of UFOs to attack a target. He is unlocked after complete the game.


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