Zoren's appearance
Full Name Zoren
Gender Male
Location Twinleaf Town
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon

Zoren is a protagonist in Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon. He is from Twinleaf Town. His partner pokémon is Charmander. He is friends with Sam, Sarah, and Lucy.


Zoren is often quiet. He generally doesn't speak much to others, as he doesn't often see any reason that he should speak. However, he talks much more with Lucy, than he does with other people.


Before the events of Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon, Zoren lived in Twinleaf Town. Through most of his life he was best friends with Sam. For one year he temporarily moved to Sandgem Town, and became friends with Lucy. However, then next year Zoren moved back to Twinleaf Town.

Partner Pokémon

Zoren's partner pokémon is Charmander. Charmander first evolves in Chapter eleven. Charmander's stage one evolution is a Charmeleon with a white belly, one blue arm, its claws are the color of ice, and its tail burns like fire, but occasionally the flame changes to water instead of flames. When in stage one evolution, Charmeleon is able to use Water attacks in addition to its normal attacks.