CHARACTER ICONE ZO - Copie (4) - Copie

Link acquires the mask while visiting Great Bay. He notices a Zora floating in the water surrounded by gulls, near death.[3] Once Link helps the Zora to shore, he tells Link that he is Mikau, guitarist for the famous Zora band The Indigo-Go's.[4] He sings a song explaining that he was trying to help another band member recover eggs that were stolen from her by Gerudo Pirates, but was fatally injured in the process.[5] Full of regret, he cannot die in peace, and asks someone to heal his soul.[6] By playing the Song of Healing, Link can rest Mikau's soul, leaving behind the Zora Mask.


Type mouverest Link mouverest
Classic-Attacks: fin
Special Attack-Normal double fin
Special Attack-Side ice Fin
Special Attack-Top Fin
-Special Attack Down geyser
Distance-Attacks Fin boomerang
-Defensive Attacks aileron
-Final Smash Saphirre Zora

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