Zoo Tycoon U Logo
Developer(s) Blue Fang Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Single player
Genre(s) Business Simulation
Series Zoo Tycoon
Predecessor Zoo Tycoon DS
Zoo Tycoon U is a business simulation video game created by AdamGregory03 as a Wii U exclusive game, despite Microsoft still owning the Zoo Tycoon franchise. Though the game is seen as more of a sequel to the Zoo Tycoon game on the Nintendo DS.


The game is broken up into Campaign and Free Play modes, both of which feature two different gameplay types: Zookeeper and Zoo Creator. As a zookeeper, players are tasked with taking care of the animals and guests in the zoo, as well as hiring more zookeepers and keeping buildings in tact, while as a zoo creator, you can make exhibits, buildings, attractions, and add animals. Campaign mode has you complete a set of challenges to unlock more animals to be added to your zoos, while Free Play mode has endless money and allows players to do whatever they want with their zoo. There is also confirmed to be an online feature that allows players to visit other people's zoos as guests, as well as a feature that is brand new to the Zoo Tycoon series.



The game is confirmed to have sixty animals, with forty default and twenty that can only be unlocked by completing challenges through Campaign mode.

Animal Habitat Status Diet
Bear, Kodiak Mountain Vulnerable Omnivore
Bear, Polar Tundra Vulnerable Carnivore
Bison, American Plains Low Risk Herbivore
Camel, Dromedary Desert Low Risk Herbivore
Caracal Desert Low Risk Carnivore
Chimpanzee Jungle Endangered Omnivore
Coyote Plains Low Risk Carnivore
Crocodile, Saltwater Beach Low Risk Carnivore
Elephant, African Savannah Endangered Herbivore
Gorilla, Mountain Jungle Critical Herbivore
Hippopotamus Swamp Vulnerable Herbivore
Kangaroo, Red Plains Low Risk Herbivore
Leopard, Clouded Jungle Vulnerable Carnivore
Lion Savannah Vulnerable Carnivore
Orangutan Jungle Endangered Herbivore
Ostrich Savannah Low Risk Herbivore
Panda, Giant Mountain Endangered Herbivore
Penguin, Emperor Tundra Low Risk Carnivore
Reindeer Forest Low Risk Herbivore
Rhinoceros, Black Savannah Critical Herbivore
Sea Lion, California Beach Low Risk Carnivore
Tiger, Bengal Jungle Endangered Carnivore
Wolf, Gray Forest Low Risk Carnivore
Yak Mountain Vulnerable Herbivore
Zebra Savannah Low Risk Herbivore




Animal NecessitiesEdit


Food Enjoyed By
Bamboo Gorillas, Pandas
Fish Bears, Crocodiles, Leopards, Sea Lions
Fruit Chimpanzees, Elephants, Gorillas, Omnivorous Bears
Meat Bears, Caracals, Crocodiles, Leopards, Lions, Tigers, Wolves
Hay Bisons, Elephants, Hippopotamuses, Kangaroos, Rhinoceroses, Yaks, Zebras



Shelter Enjoyed By
Elephant House Elephants
Nest Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Pandas
Rock Cave Bears, Caracals, Leopards, Lions, Pandas, Tigers, Wolves
Wooden Shed Bisons, Hippopotamuses, Rhinoceroses, Yaks, Zebras

amiibo CompatibilityEdit

It is confirmed that amiibo will be compatible with the game in some form.