Zoneball is a 6-man sport schemed up by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) for WZL 11: The Rush and possibly future titles. It consists of a team of 6 players plus a spare player in case of an injury.

All players are required to wear headgear during the game.


The Zoneball field is roughly the size of a soccer field, as well as the fact that the field is divided by a single white line. Roughly 1/3 of one half of the field away from the white line is yellow rectangle for the Catcher to stand in. Further from that is an orange line that indicates your allowed to throw it to your Catcher if your over the line. At the very back of the field is the goal, which is defended by the Goalie. A pink line is a few yards away from the goal, this indicates where the Blocker cannot go.



The Attackers consist of a Play Attack (PA) and a Power Attack (PW). The Play Attack is the most mobile on the field, as he does not need to carry anything. Play Attack and Power Attack can go anywhere on the field except in the yellow box. Play Attack can bring the ball up the field, and throw it at the net in a goal attempt. He may also set up the Power Attack for a stronger attempt. He may also, if he steps over the line, throw it to his Catcher. The Power Attack may also do the same things, but if the Play Attack sets him up, he may take a swing at the ball with his paddle to send it towards the goal with more speed and power. The Play Attack may also shove enemy players to get some space.


The Tackler (T) is purely defensive and stays in his defending zone. If an enemy player comes on his defending side, he may tackle them, with success coming with a reset of play. If he steps anywhere he's not allowed to, the enemy team will get a free throw on the net. He may also stop passes. If he receives a pass that was meant for an enemy player, he may throw it to his Attackers.


The Catcher (C) stays inside a yellow rectangle, equipped with 2, net-like gloves that are used for catching the ball. If he catches the ball, his team will get a free throw on the net. The Attackers may throw the ball to him for him to catch if they are standing behind the orange line.


The Blocker (B) runs around with a large, wall-like object and blocks off enemies and passes and obstructs vision. He may go anywhere on the field except in the yellow rectangle and past the pink line on his side of the field. He is the least mobile player.


The Goalie (G) stands in the net and stops the Attacker's attempts at scoring. The Goalie does not wear any special gear, but wears long-sleeves to indicate that he's the goalie. The Tackler may stand in the net with the goalie and assist in saving shots.


The Zoneball ball is a small, blue and white striped ball just a bit bigger than a baseball. It easily fits in the player's hand. It's not soft, but soft enough so that it won't injure the goalie.

When a game starts, the ball is placed in the center of the field and the Play Attacks are put in the back of the field. When the whistle is blown, they both run towards the ball and when it is picked up, play begins.


If certain players step into spots they aren't supposed to when their team has the ball, the game will reset to the center of the field, meaning that they will run for the ball again. Stepping into spots they can't step into when the enemy has the ball will result in a free throw on the net for the enemy team.

If the goalie makes a save, he must run up, stop just behind the Catcher's rectangle and throw it to his Attackers. If the Play Attack can manage to grab it from the goalie, he may throw it at the empty net to score.

If the ball goes out of bounds, play will reset to the center of the field.


The uniforms for the teams are colored T-Shirts with they're team logo on the front and they're last name on the back.

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