Ben backed toward the wall, surrounded by the last zombies. Last zombies... or were they? He wouldn't know, because soon he would be dead. Trapped in the back of Allen Bank, surrounded, because he had left the group. And they were so close. Now the town was overrun.

As the zombies closed in, he closed his eyes. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if he couldn't see it. Maybe, just maybe, something would happen. And it did.

"Duck down!" yelled Zack as he jumped in with his gun, "I haven't got much ammo left! Run!". Ben started to run when he saw golden bars littering the floor. He picked one up and threw it at the nearest zombie as Zack fired at others. "What are you doing?" yelled Ben's friend; "I'm saving you" he replied, and threw more heavy bars at zombies, exploding their brains.

"Come on!" echoed a voice throughout the building. Ben realized it was Cole C. from his group. He and Zack ran to the hallway filled with zombies. Ben flung more bars and Zack shot a few bullets. They continued foward and found Cole C. in the corner. "Throw around the gold!" Ben yells at Cole, who takes the advice.

The group of three advanced to the enterance of the bank and Cole finds his dropped hatchet, then kills the banko teller zombie. Outside, they see a giant hoard of zombies. "We can't go through there..." mumbles Cole nearby, and they nod in agreement. "Wait..." says Zack, "The antidote! Rowling said that the last ingredient was gold! We can make it!".

But Cole never heard, as he had already opened the electronic door with his hatchet and began to attack the hoard. "That... won't work! Come on!" yelled Zack and Ben at the top of their lungs, but to no avail. Their friend had already been bitten. "Follow us! We can make the antidote!" they continue to yells, but Cole run through the crowd, apparently to change the zombies attention.

The two friends then ran up the staircase and reached the top of the building, looking around. It was the end. After surviving a crash land in a plane at the begining of the apocalypse to founding a survors town, it was over for Zack. And similiar could be said for Ben.

But they didn't die. Frost suddenly appears in the helicopter. "I thought you were dead!" yells the evil survivor from the heli. "We aren't gonna get on that thing with you..." says Zack, but Ban was already entering. "I... can't go. I hate him to much" says Zack to Ben. "Don't say hate," replies Ben with a smile, and Zack reluctantly enters. As they launch off, they see the remains of their town, Allen. "If only he could have seen it before zombies broke in..." says Ben, and Zack agrees.

"Well, that's all folks..." mumbles Frost as they head off, "Who coulda thought, me saving your sorry butts? And for what expense? Oh yeah, you guys get to work for me as slaves! You guys, making the antidote...". "Wait, what did you say?" yells Ben, and pulls out his gun, pointing it at Frost.

"Hehe, a smart one there, aren't you? Guess forgot that I was the one flying the plane! You shoot me and everyone dies!" says Frost, laughing. Unbeknownst to him, however, Ben and Zack had a plan. Frost probaly hadn't noticed Zack putting a parachute from his pack on, or Ben aiming a second gun at Frosts arm. And he probaly didn't know that the plan would start when Ben winked. Which he did.

"Boom," said Ben, and activated the plan. Within seconds, Frost had dropped the gun and lost control of the heli. Zack had also jumped out and activated his one parachute. The helicopter flew into the distance, drawing zombies away from Zack. Only then did he notice that he was on a small island in the middle of a pond, just where he had started.

With the sun infront of him, he walked towards the sunset, ready for a new begining in a world full of them, a world also full of zombies, threats and evil humans. A world destroyed by the longing for a longer life, a longing for money and revenge. Created because the human had changed from small-time prey to big time hunter who would kill themself. But also a world were maybe humans could learn that they are the real problem. With that thought, Zack smiled for the first real time that he could remember.



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