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Game's Loading Screen/Logo

Zombie Showdown is a Action, First Person Shooter for the Wii U.

It features a zombie apocalypse that has the town of SpringCookie being overrun by zombies and only you are safe and still human.


June 27th 2003.

I was just waking up. I heard a crash from downstairs, so I ran down and saw something surprising. My father was laying on the floor dead. Who did this? I will never know.

12 Years Later

June 27th 2015

It's been 12 years since I saw my Father dead, I had a part- *BANG! CRASH!!* what was that? I better go chec- *BANG CRASH BANG!* what is that? Oh, someone's at the doo- AHHHH! What is that? Oh my god, it's a Zombie! Should I hide? Or should I get the gun?

From there on, you must roam the city of SpringCookie from this zombie apocalypse and save the world! Using...guns!





Going Solo


All Out Solo All-Star

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