Zombie Mario as he appears in Super Fawful Adventure.


Zombie Mario is the Zombie Look of Mario and is in the upcoming Game New Super Mario Bros:Trick or Treat.


He Just looks like Mario but his skin is green and his eyeballs have red outlines and pupils. His gloves are yellow instead of white. His clothes are also ripped and have spots of blood on them.

​Special Powers

Zombie Mario can use the Punch move by pressing B. Using this move, Mario can defeat many of the main enemies such as Boos and Undead Goombas. However, Punching cannot defeat some enemies such as Drybones. Also, Zombie Mario's walk speed and jump height are reduced.

Game Appearance

New Super Mario Bros. Trick-Or-Treat

Appears in this Upcoming Game as a Power-Up that can be used by collecting the Zombie Bolt.

Super Fawful Adventure

Zombie Mario is the boss of the Zombie dimension in Super Fawful Adventure.

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