Zombie Apocalypse is a FPS/Strategy game for the PS3, Wii, and Xbox being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). You control yourself in a world where the zombies have taken over most of the planet and it's up to you and your fellow survivors to try and eliminate the zombies.


It's 9:00 AM and you wake up. You head downstairs, make some breakfast, and get dressed. You then try calling your friend Tyrone and see what he's doing. While talking on the phone, he tells you that he tried calling his other friend, but he didn't pick up.

You head over to Tyrone's house and, on your way there, you notice that the town is completely empty. When you arrive at Tyrone's house, you 2 decide to see why the town is so quiet.

After walking for a few minutes, you spot something in a ditch. You and Tyrone run to it and you both withdraw in disgust and horror. Inside the ditch, you found a zombies head. You and Tyrone look at each other right in the eye, and you realize what you must do. You decide to arm yourselves, secure a hiding spot, and round up more people to survive this apocalypse.

Gameplay & Controls

(Note: These are PS3 controls)

The game is affected by a Day & Night system. During daytime, you head to stores to equip yourself with whatever will help you survive. During Night, you must get to your nearest hideout and prepare to fight off hordes of zombies with whatever you've got. Along the way, you will run into survivors that may help you fight or gather weapons. Because the zombies have already killed most of the people, you may just walk into stores and take whatever you need. However, you can only carry 2 things at a time, which may reduce the amount of things you can get before nightfall. Whenever a day or night passes, you get a checkpoint.

  • L - Move
  • R - Face Direction
  • Triangle - Swap your tools/weapons
  • Square - Interact
  • X - Jump
  • Circle - Enter Advanced Edit mode
  • L1 - Hold weapon steady
  • R1 - Use Weapon/Tool
  • L3 - Run
  • R2 - Gas (when driving)
  • L2 - Brake (when driving)


  • You - You are the main protagonist. You and your friend Tyrone need to survive this apocalypse.
  • Tyrone - Your extremely athletic best friend.
  • Jack - A good friend of your's who knows a lot about zombies and how to kill them.
  • Becky - Your girlfriend who survived the initial wave by pure luck. You try to rescue her and keep her safe for the rest of the game at one point. Saving her will give you good luck and she'll help you gather tools.
  • Rick - A friend that helps you fight the zombies.
  • Hannah - Jack's sister whom has a van that she lets you use to travel and fight in. She also helps you gather tools and weapons during the day.
  • Unnamed characters that will help you fight the zombies.
  • Joe - Your cousin that lives in a place the zombies haven't attacked yet. Recruiting him will earn you your first gun.
  • Ken - A friend that helps you fight the zombies.
  • Rory - A friend that helps you fight the zombies.


  • Knife - You start out with a few knives that you and Tyrone take from your houses.
  • VGT's - VGT's (Violent Gardening Tools) are weapons that you can pick up from the store.
  • Weedhacker - A VGT that is more effective than the other VGT's.
  • Chainsaw - A weapon that is extremely effective in close combat. Also needed to access military bases.
  • BB Gun - Fires pellets at zombies. Takes 3 shots to kill. Gotten when you recruit Joe to your team.
  • Long Gun - Fires more powerful bullets. Takes 2 shots to the body or one shot to the head to kill.
  • Hatchet - Lets you whack the zombies with a small axe.
  • Axe - A much larger version of the hatchet.
  • Pickaxe - A giant digging tool that is deadly in combat.
  • MG's - MG' (Military Guns) are very powerful weapons found in Military Bases.
  • AK47 - An MG that fires a large amount of bullets.
  • Shotgun - An MG that only takes one shot to kill.
  • Pistol - Is automatically pulled out whenever you run out of ammo for your normal MG. Takes 5 shots to kill.

Rest TBA...


  • Your House - Your house is the Hub place of the game. You can find secret weapons here and access cheat codes by turning on the TV.
  • Tyrone's House - Tyrone's house is usually your first hideout.
  • Main Street - This is the path to the stores and where the zombies normally spawn.
  • Becky's House - After that first wave, Becky's house is in ruins. If you can save her before the next wave, it will make the game easier.
  • Store - This is where you collect tools and weapons. Your also able to set up a hideout inside.
  • Military Bases - These are abandoned Military Bases that can be accessed using a chainsaw. They house powerful guns and serve as a very strong hideout. It will only hold for 3 days, though.
  • Highway - This is where you travel by van to get to other towns. If it is night and your driving, you can run over zombies or have your allies lean out the windows with guns and shoot them.

Rest TBA...

Military Bases




Immobile Fighting Means

Along with weapons, you may take some equipment and place it in an area to further hold off the zombies.


Advanced Editing


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