Full Name Zoit Keriyon
Current Age 14
Location Mt. Glade
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Colt (Brother)
Poiz (Sister)
Zare (Father)
Mahs (Mother)
Boit (Cousin)
Kena (Cousin)
Ritz (Cousin)
Queg (Cousin)
Boof (Friend)
Cackley (friend)
Dewk (Friend
Main Weapon(s) Dart Bomb
Spike Chain
Fire Saber
Ice Grenade
Exploding Water Balloon
Thunder Rocket
Vine Spear
Stone Ball
Super Dart Bomb

Zoit was the second Jaaik ever lived. His first appeared in Zoit: Defendant Elemental, where he saves the entire citizens in Mt. Glade from Azeaq. His siblings and his friends also helps him to save the world. He also collects the Colorful Crystals to activate his weapons.