Zodimental RPG is a RPG game for the 3DS. It will feature only one current charcter to use on the field at all times, Black Wizard. In battle however a team of wizards come to the rescue. They... aw, you should just read the storyline.


It starts with a dark form named Xonnaill (ZON-ay-ell) in his evil base. He grumbles about his land being a total wasteland and wished he could replenish his world and destroy the kingdom of wizards and mythical beings. Suddenly struck with an idea, he asks his most helpful minion about secrets of the castle."Why yes, there is",he said. "there is a secret library in the lowest floor." Happy, Xonnaill charges to the lowest floor, and opens the door. "Hahahaha... this is excellent! But which book could be useful", he said as he chuked books over on a table. Noticing a book titled "Ancient Spells to Ruin The Universe" he nabs it, reads it, and grins as he chants the spells in it. In the midst of a chant, he glances a note about the Elemental Zodiac, a special circle that keeps every element in check. He chants the Elemental Zodiac destruction spell, and laughs menacingly as he notices elements start to come in the world.


"Ah be quiet, Parrmag."

Parrmag drops a scroll into Black Wizards' hands.

Dear Black Wizard,

You must come quickly!

The Elemental Zodiac has faded, and the

world is going beserk!


The Mayor

"Well, I had no other plans. OK, let's go, Parrmag!" Black Wizard says and runs to the Mayor-Mansion.

"Thank heavens you made it! The entire Mage Suburbs are in a pandemonium! Wicked fires, insane wind, and... oh, my tea is ready. (sip) Ah, where was I... oh yes. You got to rescue the 14 fragments of the zodiac! You must get the middle element, the other 12, and the titanium binds that hold it together! You must begin extremely fas-- hey, where'd you go? Ah well.

Playable Characters

Black Wizard

Blue Wizard

Orange Wizard

Teal Wizard

Yellow Wizard

Camo Wizard

Gray Wizard

White Wizard

Green Wizard

Purple Wizard

Cyan Wizard

Gold Wizard


Athikelops: A boss in a boot with one eye and a spike on his head. (Yin-Yang element)

Magmarrh: A lava blob with lava dripping down his maw. (Fire element)

Sawfrill: A shark with the nose of a swordfish, and sharp fins. (Water element)

Plasplugg: A cord monster with plugs for phalanges. (Thunder element)

Sedimeian: A primate encased with a rock sheild.