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Zodiez Scorpio
Current Age Indefinite; looks 28
Date of Birth Beginning
Zodiac Sign All
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Warrior
Main Weapon(s) Gem Turret
Element(s) None
Vulnerable To Electricity
Nationality American
Height 8'05"
First Appearance  ???
Zodiac Arms

Zodiez Birthright, known to her followers as The Zodiac Master, is a goddess of the Zaxinian Lifts, although is not affiliated with its government.  She is the master of the Zodiac Signs, able to use each Sign's powers and attributes to her advantage.  While she doesn't really appear in any games yet, that is subject to change sooner or later.

Zodiez is an antagonistic character and is at the point where she is considered one of the most threatening characters overall in the Lifts, only beating beaten by the Echeno in terms of power (which is sad because that thing isn't even a deity).

She is the wife of Fandraxono.


A lot of Zodiez's abilities are largely unknown thanks to her mysterious nature and the fact that she hasn't appeared in any direct projects yet, although it's acknowledged that as she is a deity, she is immortal and can pretty much go wherever she wants without being harmed, although she lacks the ability to teleport.  It's also assumed that because of her Sign powers, she can transform into the different members of the zodiac and use heavily modified versions of their attacks, although barely gains any of their physical traits.

Zodiez has a weapon called the Gem Turret, which she often attaches to the back of her right hand, aiming it at foes and firing sharp gemstones.  These fired gemstones match the gemstone of the current active zodiac Sign.

Zodiez also wields Fire, Water, Earth, and Air powers - four strong elements.  She can use these in any way as she pleases, although for maximum effect they should be used with their respective zodiac Signs, for they are at their absolute strongest and are difficult to defend against.

  • As Aries, Zodiez goes on fire and attacks with ram attacks, thrusting her horns into opponents to tear into them and tear them apart.
  • As Taurus, Zodiez still tramples her foes, but is way faster and even stronger than before, and much mobile.  She has less control over her mind though.
  • As Gemini, she splits apart into two identical selves, and attacks with double the power and double the effort.
  • As Cancer, she gains water powers and is able to split her opponents apart with her very large pincers, able to cut through most of anything.
  • As Leo, she goes on fire once more and becomes very ferocious, attacking her opponents with her raging flames and her powerful, fatal bites.
  • As Virgo, she uses earth powers to upset her opponents, and uses wise battle strategies to overcome them in combat.
  • As Libra, she uses wind powers to devastate her foes, and uses the same battle strategies she used as Virgo.
  • As Scorpio, she is arguably in her most powerful state, able to fatally wound her opponents with her giant scorpion tail and drown them with her hurricanes.
  • As Sagittarius, she gains the lower body of a horse and is able to gallop at incredibly high speeds and attack with bone splitting arrows.
  • As Capricorn, she regains her earth powers and is able to slam her head into her opponents again. She is also very intelligent and requires a lot of cleverness to be defeated.
  • As Aquarius, she disguises as a water bearer, and often hides because of this because she really doesn't have much power in this form. It can be used to trick people into thinking she's a normal person, however.
  • As Pisces, she is an excellent swimmer who uses the powers of the sea to her advantage, and traps her foes in endless whirlpools. Her tentacles are at their strongest.


Without any influence of the Zodiac Signs, Zodiez is a calm and collected character, and always acts chill, even when she's in a really tight spot, to the point where she hardly even cares. She is also somewhat passive aggressive and somewhat manipulative, as well as downright careless, not caring too much if a member of her troop dies or if a friend goes to waste.

Zodiez does not really consider herself a villain, rather, looking upon herself as a powerful and responsible deity, even if the latter happens to be clearly wrong at the time. When people try and question her on her selfishness or her obscene personality, she defends herself and her title and will probably follow up by harming them. Even though people, even deities, have tried to stop her, they usually just let her do as she pleases, for even they cannot demote her from her "bureaucrat" status.

Zodiez's personality is often heavily influenced by her active Sign, and her personality receives a lot of tweaks, and it could receive good or bad changes, perhaps even both.  This active Sign changes every two hours, the respective symbol on her clothing glowing brightly.  She can change her Sign whenever she wants, but it can be hampered by the personality she's taking.

By default:

  • 12 AM: Capricorn
  • 2 AM: Aquarius
  • 4 AM: Pisces
  • 6 AM: Aries
  • 8 AM: Taurus
  • 10 AM: Gemini
  • 12 PM: Cancer
  • 2 PM: Leo
  • 4 PM: Virgo
  • 6 PM: Libra
  • 8 PM: Scorpio
  • 10 PM: Sagittarius

Likes and Dislikes

Now Zodiez is pretty chill with about everything and doesn't really dislike much stuff, other than her troop, which she finds "invaluable".  She is highly attracted to most people she meets, and if they talk to her enough, she starts following them.  Now what usually happens when this happens is that she tries to find out more about them, and if they sound threatening to her or are generally stupid, she'll kill them off.  Otherwise, she just keeps going after them, interested.

Zodiez also really likes eating, and often is seen eating something, and tries to prevent anyone from seeing her eat, afraid that they'll think she's "fat".

Relationships with Other Characters


As could be expected between two people of completely different interests, Ike and Zodiez definitely do not like one another, to the point where they constantly bicker and complain to one another. However, they cannot kill each other due to both being immortal.


While she acknowledges Fandraxono as a kind of idiot, she really likes having him around and finds him quite handsome, and has very deep interests in his powers, and wants to play around with them for her own pleasure.  Normally, Zodiez wouldn't panic if a friend died, but she would panic if Fandraxono was hurt in any way, mostly because she finds him funny to talk to.  It is precisely why she has married him.



  • Zodiez is built off the creator's love for the zodiac and its meanings.
  • Zodiez is one of the few characters of snicks' to overpower Fandraxono.

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