You broke my boyfriend and removed him so brutally from this world! For that, I will break you for the days I've spent wallowing in recent memory! I've never met anyone more misguided and selfish as you, you pig!
Zodiez, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 13: Deep Down in the Lost and Found

(5000+; looks 40-ish, born ???)
8'05" Intersex
381 lbs Pansexual
NAME Zodiez, the Goddess of War
ALIGNMENT Resistance (member)
Zaxinian Goddess of War
Commander of Inkura
Splatterplot Ruler
OCCUPATION(S) Resistance berserker (currently)
Zaxinian Goddess of War
Commander of Inkura
Splatterplot Ruler
FAMILY Silver Zin (adopted son)
Mallory Zin (adopted daughter)
Seraphina (first child)
Virguno (second child)
RELATIONSHIPS Zyvoline (first boyfriend)
Black Eyes (second boyfriend)
Skiene (first girlfriend)
Fandraxono (third boyfriend)
Mayxine (second girlfriend)
CURRENT QUARTERS Mayxine's closet

Mayxine, her husbands, killing, winning battles, chilling alone, studying the Zodiac, managing parts of the Zaxinian Lifts, flirting (on occasion), Fandraxono, people who embrace their own weirdness, participating in big-time battles


Skiene, being in public, talking about herself, generic superheroes, any superhero movie out there



Zodiez, known and acknowledged as the Zodiac Master, is a goddess of the Zaxinian Lifts and poses as its Goddess of War and Sorceress of Death's Construction. She is the master of the Zodiac Signs, able to use the powers assigned to each to her advantage and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Thanks to her numerous appearances in universe-wide wars and her rather large group of dedicated followers, she is seen as one of the most powerful Zaxinian residents to date. Her group of followers is acknowledged as the Zodiac Arms, and are a very hostile race of peoples. She was the fifth wife of Fandraxono and was determined to stay due to her intense love for her husband. After her loss of him, she made love with Mayxine, determined to make her an immortal deity just like herself. She is one of the rare Shadow humans.


Zodiez is a very tanned lady that wears Gothic clothing and white rubber gloves. While her face is quite pretty, her eyes are concealed behind a strange mask. Behind her head is a flowing mess of black/blue hair, which splits into twelve-large "tails" halfway down the back of her head. She often is seen frowning, fuming about the obstacles and troubles of life or those that she has disbanded. She wears a belt around herself with twelve long ribbons hanging from it, each laid out like the positions of the hours on an analog clock. Each ribbon has a different zodiac symbol, each symbol colored to match their respective gemstone. The belt always turns around so that the active Sign symbol is at the front. She wears long blue socks and black boots.

Zodiez has twelve, long black appendages spreading from below her belt ribbons, each acting like it was part of a kind of skirt at first, but when the situation calls for their usage, they spread outwards and assume battle stances. These are often seen quite still and motionless, as if posing as fakes. Zodiez's body mostly remains in this form, but as she is made of a black, ink-like matter that can assume any shape it wishes, she doesn't always appear like this and appear as something else. All other forms, however, force her to only appear in white, red, and black.


Assuming Zodiez isn't under any influence from the zodiac signs, she tends to appear calm even when stressed out, and only goes into a state of panic when something seems impossible for her. Zodiez is often self-centered, focusing on her own image and not giving too much of a damn about others around her unless they're part of her family. She loves to wreak havoc and cause wars, but doesn't necessarily see this as "evil" -- she actually sees it as a way for her to show off her immense power. In battle, while she loves help from others, she gets enraged if others fall in combat and strikes them down. As such, most see her as violent and very destructive, and sometimes morally wrong as she tends to not help any of her troops or help much of anyone for that matter.  But Fandraxono, the love of her life, is someone she's willing to not do anything wrong against, as he understands her emotions and tries to be helpful as possible.

When in public, Zodiez tends to behave finely and can even come off as somewhat friendly and laid-back, but she's clueless about most technology and is alienated by any form of media, even books. She usually gets along with others around her but when she gets too comfortable with human civilization bad things tend to happen. Zodiez gets overly cocky and starts showing zero hesitation in just about any activity. Her unstable, unnatural genes have also fitted her with a strange personality that shows often at the worst of times, making her into somewhat of an unwanted nuisance whether she likes it or not. With this combination of unusual traits, she often tends to be fearful in public and is quite afraid of being judged, and is untrusting of most people around her. Zodiez tends to kill people that learn of her secrets and threaten her life in the Lifts. As such, she usually vents to Fandraxono about her issues.


Zodiez's abilities are rather alien-like and unusual for a member of the Zaxinian Lifts. One of her abilities is her usage of Inkura, a skill that only she can use unless her children obtain this ability from her. Wherever Zodiez spawns or walks, she leaves behind trails of ink-like matter that pour from her skin and mouth that come out in varying amounts depending on her mood. When in a positive mood, it's only drained out to a minimum, but a really negative mood can drop so much of this liquid that it can drown a normal driveway in about half a foot of it. This stuff auto-heals Zodiez as she goes but decreases vengeful, hateful emotions in other people that make direct physical contact with the liquid. When she warps, she'll leave behind a pool of thick Inkura and also emerge elsewhere in a similar pool.

Inkura is a substance that plays well into Zodiez's movepool of abilities as well. Strong usage of Inkura will force friends and foes alike to bid to her will and aid her in any situation, and this alone can help her win fights and overcome problems. But Inkura can also be used as a sort of dark magic; she can wrap a thick, solid rope of Inkura around others to crush them, swallow foes in whirlpools of Inkura to suck them under, and flood battlefields with this liquid to get everyone to follow her bidding. She can also cause the sky to rain Inkura and drop it over wherever she pleases. Not to mention that when any of these sorts of moves make contact with the opponents, they will start showing little signs of resistance if any at all. Despite how powerful this ability is, it is entirely possible to build a resistance to Inkura with enough exposure to it, and it'll become rarely effective in later battles.

A trait she shares with Greek monster Medusa is her ability to turn others to stone upon a gaze upon her face, though this is only possible if the individual she's facing is extremely weak. She can also transform her hair strands into little snakes, which she can use to inject venom into those that get too close for her own liking. With her razor-cutting serpent-like tongue that can surpass the length of her 8'05" body with the power of Inkura, Zodiez can easily slice up her enemies with her agile blade and attack from a long distance from herself effortlessly. With her unhingable jaw and great power when abusing her Inkura powers, she can easily devour prey, objects, or even humans whole and burn them into nutrition for her body. Her Inkura is capable of letting Zodiez morph her body; she can form a super long tail to allow her to constrict her opponents or melt herself into a puddle of Inkura to allow her to slide by enemies and whatnot undetected... stealthy like a snake.

Zodiez also has control over the Zodiac, although cannot change the patterns on her belt as it works on its own. She can utilize various powers strongly associated with the Zodiac and use them both on the battlefield and in her personal life. Zodiez can transform into the several members of the Zodiac and use modified versions of their abilities that often utilize her Inkura powers. She usually dons physical traits of these signs so she can actually use the power that they provide her with. Zodiez can also make use of fire, water, earth, and air elements due to their association with the Zodiac as well. Zodiez is also immortal and possesses several typical deity powers.

  • Aries: Zodiez goes aflame and uses ram attacks, tearing her horns into her opponents to split them apart. Very strong and can easily trample her foes, but it's hard to control and leaves her defenseless afterward.
  • Taurus: Zodiez swings her feet up and drills into the ground, coming back up as a powerful "screwdriver" and shredding through her foe. Fast and easy to manage, but leaves her sort of dizzy.
  • Gemini: Splits into two and, while her power is halved as one-half of herself, the two can do lots of damage together and annihilate the battlefield without a problem. They can both fly around.
  • Cancer: Becomes able to slam two pincers into her opponents, but they are heavy and hard to swing. They can snap through diamond though, so almost any life can be taken by these enormous weapons.
  • Leo: Becomes absolutely ferocious, catching aflame and tossing fiery tornadoes around the battlefield. While having many advantages, she is very difficult to control and hard to stop.
  • Virgo: Zodiez can shift the earth plates, making foes fall to their deaths or move the ground from under them to make them trip and fall down. It is hard to repair the damage done by Zodiez's abilities here, though.
  • Libra: Creates an enormous hurricane that whips opponents up and away, getting them to run away with her wind-fueled breath. While she can control this more easily, it is nowhere as strong as her Leo self.
  • Scorpio: Able to strike her scorpion tail into opponents to fatally wound them, then drown them in her own poison. This is her most defensive form of all of the signs available.
  • Sagittarius: Gains the lower body of a horse and can gallop at super fast speeds, able to slam arrows into opponents for fatal damage. This is her best offensive form but can use up a lot of her strength.
  • Capricorn: Becomes capable of slamming her head into foes without hurting herself, and becomes capable of using all sorts of clever strategies in order to stay out of trouble. Can be a pain in the ass to stop.
  • Aquarius: Disguises as a water bearer, but often hides because there is no power she can have in this form. This allows her to slide by as a normal person though, as it hides her deity status.
  • Pisces: Becomes an excellent swimmer, able to create extremely strong tidal waves and trap her foes in whirlpools of mass fury. Her appendages become really active and strong in this phase.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Despite Fandraxono's once-known lack of ability to rationally think for himself, Zodiez absolutely adored and loved Fandraxono, having been extremely protective of him while he was alive and having had a rather unhealthy obsession with his powers and playing around with them for herself for herself. If Fandraxono were hurt in any way, she'd panic and try to do whatever she could to help him out. He's also apparently "charming and witty", two reasons out of "many" why she married the God. Fandraxono was also been one of only a few voices who were willing to talk to her, so she really appreciated the God's honesty and willing to help. She felt devastated after his loss.


Zodiez and Pierce really get along, being really friendly towards each other and being able to safely vent to each other about their problems without being judged. Both have sworn oaths to help each other out in the future and help change each other to live better lives. They are hampered though by the multiple obstacles that Pierce has in his way, so their plans to help each other are currently on hold until Pierce can handle his extra issues.


Zodiez and Ike do not really get along, but cannot do anything about each other because they're both immortal in the Zaxinian Lifts. They have completely different personalities and interests and argue constantly back and forth even over the smallest things. They often make the news with the several completely absurd fights they have, often kicking and beating at each other until they get bored to death of it. At some point, it became so bad that a television show based around the two had temporarily occurred, until Zodiez found out and personally butchered everyone involved with the program.


Her newest and likely last relationship is centered around the average woman named Mayxine. She gets along with her very well on all accounts and does her very best to protect her from Queen Mallory's awful influence. Zodiez is very happy with Mayxine due to her excellent endurance and willingness to aid her with pretty much anything. She does wish, however, to eventually turn her into an inky deity like herself, so that they can both get the most out of each other.



  • Zodiez is built off the creator's past love for the zodiac and its meanings. While she had generally moved on from this great love, Zodiez still contains multiple other interests of the creator, from Gothic clothing to all her different forms of magic and abilities. She was also built to replace an old war deity that was once formed on the Adventures of White wiki. It was replaced because "it sucked".
  • Along with Pierce, she is intersex; her body structure is very different from that of others' both in regards to men and women.

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