Zodiac Stargazer
Design pending
THe design for the console has not yet been finalised.
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Console Type Handheld
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Compatibility with GBA games and the ability to scan game characters for use in other games.
The Zodiac Stargazer is a new handheld gaming system by Zodiac Productions. Games are distributed on cartridges with a silimar shape to Gameboy Advance cartridges, allowing for backwards compatibility with GBA and GB games.


Game App

The "app" on the main menu that allows you to play the game inserted in the cartridge slot. It can be set to automatically use this app on startup if there is a game in ther slot.

eShop App

Allows you to access the Stargazer eShop, where you can purchase and download games, updates, and characters for the Character App.

Photo App

Allows you to take photos with several different filters.

Scanner App

Utilizes the camera to scan characters from other videogames and puts them in the Character App. This app can also be activated while a game is in play, and will then instead allow you to scan characters on screen at the time. You can also scan landscapes that may also be used in certain games.

Character App

This is where all characters scanned from the Scanner App and bought from the eShop are stored. Only 50 may be on screen at a time, but many more can be stored on the system. You can also access the landscapes stored, but you cannot display these with your characters. In case you are unable to scan or purchase any characters, the app is preloaded with 4 Zodiac character: Blake Canvas from Art vs. Science, Xero from Dust, the default Doodle Hero from Doodle World, and Calson from Pawer.

For a full list of characters and landscapes available at the current time, see Zodiac Stargazer/Scanables.


  • Stargazer Arena
  • Stargazer Sports
  • Stargazer Racing
  • Stargazer Playground
  • Stargazer AR

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