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Zodiac Saga
Developer(s) CometGaming
Publisher(s) CometGaming
Platform(s) Nintendo Comet
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-playing
Zodiac Saga is a new game made by Comet Gaming, Inc. for the Nintendo Comet. It is planned for a release sometime in 2017.

Theme music

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The game features a world called Kaurek that has been divided into civilizations based on their zodiac signs. People who are not of a certain country's main zodiac sign are either exiled or killed. Parents try to have children at a certain point in the year where they're likely to be born in the country's zodiac sign, but if they are late or early, then the babies are put to adoption and shipped away. The game will center around a young hero from the Sagittarius civilization who goes on a long adventure trying to bring peace and balance to the world. The game will play like a role-playing game, with usable items and the like.


Coming soon.


Note: these zodiac sign descriptions are somewhat made up.

Map of Kaurek

Name Description

The Aries civilization is in the upper northwest of Kaurek. The land is quite icy and mountainous. Its residents live near the coastal areas, where it's considerably warmer, but there are settlements deep into the mountains as well. The area isn't very big on technology - only simple constructions make up Aries and there are few innovations. Its citizens are quite the hard-working bunch.

The Taurus civilization is in the northwest in a continent pretty close to Kaurek. It has been suspected that the two lands used to be one thousands of years ago, but split apart due to continental drift. As a result, the land is similar. However, it's much further north so the vast majority of the land is icy. Its inhabitants live similar to eskimos. Its citizens are somewhat ruthless and cold (no pun intended).

The Gemini civilization is on the northern hemisphere, but it's warmer than both Aries and Taurus. This is one of the most technologically advanced locations in Kaurek, with high powered factories for express manufacturing. The land is one of the biggest, making up the entire northeast corner. Its citizens are extremely laid back, and due to the fact that many are rich, they are somewhat snotty as well.

The Cancer civilization is on a small island not far from the Gemini civilization to the southwestern part. The island is quite tropical and most of its citizens live in the coast, as the island is filled with jungles and especially volcanoes. One time a volcano erupted and killed thousands! The citizens are especially tough and can adapt to anything.

The Leo civilization is a small strip-like landmass on the southwest corner of Kaurek. It's tropical, similar to Cancer, but the difference is that it's almost exclusively mountainous and full of volcanoes. Regardless, its citizens live quite similarly to those of Cancer, as there is a good amount of jungle as well. The citizens are quite independent and intelligent.

The Virgo civilization is a small triangle-like landmass on the west side of the Gemini civilization and south of the Cancer civilization. It's mainly full of rain forest and as a result, its people are experts in living off of the land, although there are some urban settlements on the coast. The citizens are resourceful and very friendly to others as well, which has helped them stay in peace.

The Libra civilization is a large continent just south of Virgo and to the west of Leo. It's quite cold here as it's to the southern hemisphere, but not blistering cold like in Taurus. During the summer, tropical storms often stray down south and ravage the continent, so the coastlines are virtually unoccupied. The citizens are usually optimistic but keep to themselves.

The Scorpio civilization is a big landmass to the west of Libra and Virgo and just south of Sagittarius. It is mainly flat land and this allows for easy land development, which has led to it being one of the biggest sources of farmland in all of Kaurek. The people live among farmhouses in the expansive prairie. Its citizens are quite the hard-working bunch.

Sagittarius is the most developed of the civilizations, but at the same time it is the most dystopian of all of them. It is ruled by a corrupt dictator who is bent on dominating all of Kaurek. It's warred with many of the other civilizations while the people don't have the vaguest idea of what goes on within the government. Its citizens are very submissive.

The Capricorn civilization is a small island located approximately on the Tropic of Capricorn, just like the Cancer island was located on the Tropic of Cancer. It has similar climate to Cancer but is much more isolated from the rest of Kaurek. It is simply a group of a couple thousand people in a utopian land. The citizens are very kind and friendly to others, and strong as well.

The Aquarius civilization is a continent to the southwest. The map depicts it as whole, but in reality, it has an abundance of rivers and lakes. Life here revolves around water - the main source of sustenance here is seafood. Swimming is also a big sport here when it's summer - there are tourneys all over the land. The citizens are very abrasive and competitive.

The Pisces civilization is a small continent that broke apart from Aquarius only a few hundred thousand years before the events of this game. The two have a large rivalry and have warred many times, particularly because they compete for the waterways in between the two nations. They have the most storied history of any nation. The citizens are nationalistic and brave.




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