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Zodiac Productions

The logo of Zodiac Productions.

This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.

Zodiac Producations is a company headed by CancerTurtle (tbc). They have several crossover fighting games in the works, but also have a few original titles and sequels to pre-existing franchises.


CancerTurtle - Founder.

SuicuneRider14 - The first member to join after it's creation.




  • Super Smash Bros. Smackdown
  • Ultimate Forum Heroes
  • Art vs. Science 2: Permanent Markings
  • Doodle Dimensions
  • Rolling Fury
  • Super Smash Bros. Party
  • Zodiac Heroes Collide
  • Rhythm Heaven Paradise
  • Paper Mario: Shadowed Destiny
  • World Hopper
  • Mario Kart 3DS
  • AR Heroes
  • World of Beads
  • Slight of Hand

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