Zkar is a big, red serpent/dragon-like creature. He is the king, ruler and god of Planet Bitrix.

Full Name Zkar
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location Planet Bitrix
Current Status Alive
Class King, Hero
Main Weapon(s) His Tail


Zkar has a body like that of a serpent. He is red in color with orange wings and a large jaw. His eyes seem to be elevated off his head for unknown reasons. He is roughly 1/4 of a mile long. He also has a red tail with orange spikes on it.

Powers & Abilities

Zkar's main form of attack is his fire breath and his great strength. He is also in control of the Bitrix Army. He can create minions by shooting blocks out of his mouth and forming them into a form such as a human, animal, or even a smaller, weaker version of himself.