Zimmerbane art by Sorastitch (tbc)
Full Name Zimmerbane
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Medic
Main Weapon(s) Potions
Ability/ies Alchemy, potion brewing
First Appearance Gate Between
Latest Appearance Gate Between

Zimmerbane is a Shoehorn, and a playable summon in Gate Between.


Zimmerbane worked as a medic in the Shoehorn Realm, selling healing potions which he brewed himself. Eventually, he had an epiphany and realised his potions could be much better used anywhere else, and became a travelling doctor, going throughout the Fantendoverse healing people in need.

Gate Between

Zimmerbane was one of many who were selected by deities to be summoned and fight for them to gain control of the Battlefield.

Personal Information

Physical Description



Gate Between

Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ultimate Ability
Name Stun Bottle Flaming Decanter Healing Flask Mix Chalice
Description Deals minor damage and briefly stuns all enemies in an area. Deals medium damage and sets all enemies on fire in an area. Heals all allies, including himself, in an area. Removes all cooldown from his other abilities for a few seconds.