Zikuie Adventures is a game that is made in HyperPad by Madness360 that released on December 25, 2015, in this game, your only playable is Zikuie. In first update, this is only 1 level, and there are no enemeies in this level, and this is only spikes, you must touch the goal flag to win level 1, after completing level 1, then player next level, but the text says is "Level 2 comming soon" means level 2 and few levels will presumably released in Januray 2016, it was planned to be 25 levels total in fully update , few levels will have enemies as seen in the description

Zikuie Adventures
Developer(s) Madness360
Platform(s) HyperPad
Release Date(s)
December 25, 2015
Genre(s) Platform
Available Input Joystick, jump button


Exorcuis refers to Zikuie as bunny