Zigoton: The Game is the first game in the Zigoton (series). It will be released for the PSP and the DS on February 7th, 2011. It shows the story of Patapon from the Zigoton's side.


The gameplay is similar to the Patapon gameplay, only you can see the entire army over the battlefield. Your actions affect the Zigotons over the entire area. Here is the list of rhythms.

  • ZigoZigoZigoTon (Move forward)
  • TonTonZigoTon (Attack)
  • DidileeDidileeZigoTon (Defend)
  • TonZigoTonZigo(Retreat)
  • Mira, MiraMira, MiraMira (Miracle)
  • TonTonDidileeDidilee (Charge)



Mission 1 – Scouting in the Patapon Valley (Journey)

The Zigoton have been forever keeping the Patapon unmoving in the small valley below to prevent the Zigoton prophecy from unfolding. Today, two Hataton are going to the right of their posts to scan for strange occurrences. You simply go from right to left, using the Zigoton's two pianos (Zigo piano and Ton piano) to move. Soon after, you encounter some Patapon moving toward some old ruins. The pianos flip around and you must run away from them, as well as a big beast chasing after them all. You must run past the Obeliskian Ruins and back to your posts.

Mission 2 – Ruins of the General Chang (Journey)

You are again the two Hataton. In this mission, you are going through the fields to go report to General Chang the Chagaton. On the way you meet some Yariton. Use their attack powers to hunt. You then find four statues. You must do the rhythm printed on them 3 times on the first three statues to defeat them. The fourth statue is faded and will disappear when you get near. After the statues you get back to Zigoton Central.

  • Mission 2B – Ruins of the Hunt (Hunting)

You can come here with an army at any time after beating Mission 2. It has the same map as Mission 2, only with more things to hunt and the only statue is the fourth one which still disappears.

  • Mission 2C – Ruins of the Secret Fourth Statue (Journey)

This mission is playable once after acquiring the Didilee Piano. You play as the Hatatons and start next to the fourth statue. After playing the defense song as Helpaton suggests, the statue will spin around revealing a new rhythm. Play it five times and the statue will explode, revealing the Ancestral Compass. You win the level!

Mission 3 – Basin of the Patapon Borders (Army)

The Patapon are uprising! In this mission, you can see the entire battlefield and using ZigoZigoZigoTon will make the forces hop to the next battle station, not move forward. TonTonZigoTon works like normal. To win you must manage to hold of the forces long enough for a Hataton to report back to General Chang. After that, the Zigoton get backup and push the Patapon away.

Mission 4 – Battle for the Basin of the Patapon Borders (Army)

This mission plays similar to Mission 3, only there are more Patapon fighting. You must try to defeat as much of the Patapon army you can before they charge into a tower and get the soul of a legendary warrior. After this, General Chang shows up. You now control him moving past the Zigoton forces toward the Patapon to fight. You must then hold off the Patapon until the rest of the Zigoton have escaped. After that General Chang makes a sacrifice to save the Zigoton.

Mission 5 – War at the Basin of the Patapon Borders (Army)

In this level you play as Gong the Hawkeye, leader of the Zigoton. You must move towards the left past Zigoton towers, until you run into two legendary heroes. You then have to push them back with your whirlwind attack, used when you attack in Rage mode. Push them back until they lose their energy. The Patapon army will advance on you. Defeat half the army and you will get a message from you assistant, Helpaton. He says the Oasis area is ready for inhabitants. Time to journey there!


Mission 6 – Desert of the Didilee Piano (Beast)

In this mission, you play as a small army. In the beginning, you find the Didilee Piano and learn the Defense song, Didilee Didilee Zigo Ton. You soon run into a big beast, Nonnom. Nonnom is a large dinosaur-type creature with wings that only let it fly short distances. You must defeat it as it flaps around from place to place.

  • Mission 6B – Flying Beast Nonnom Second Battle (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6. It's another fight with Nonnom, only he has 1.2x health.

  • Mission 6C – Flying Beast Nonnom Third Battle(Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6B. Nonnom has 1.5x health and does 1.2x damage from the original!

  • Mission 6D – Flying Beast Nonnom Fourth Battle (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6C. Nonnom has 2.0x health and does 1.3x damage from the original!

  • Mission 6E – Demonic Flying Beast Demo-Nonnom(Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6D. Demo-Nonnom actually flies around a lot, only landing after you do enough damage. He spews demon fire which can lock Zigoton into a hypnotic state for a while. Defeating him gives you the Nonnom Essence, allowing you to create Nonnomton for use in armies (you can only put one Beaston in an army for an army level.)

  • Mission 6F – Ruins of the Giant Flying Beast Zonnom (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 2C. Unless you bring the Ancestral Compass, it is empty. After you bring it, ruins will appear with Zonnom in it. Zonnom is only slightly stronger than Nonnom (about as strong as Nonnom's second battle). After beating Zonnom, you obtain the Calm Wind Flute.

  • Mission 6G – Giant Flying Beast Zonnom Second Battle (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6F. Zonnom has 1.2x health and does 1.2x damage than the original battle.

  • Mission 6H – Giant Flying Beast Zonnom Third Battle (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6G. Zonnom has 1.3x health and does 1.3x damage than the original battle.

  • Mission 6I – Giant Flying Beast Zonnom Fourth Battle (Beast)

You can play this after beating Mission 6H. Zonnom has 1.5x health and does 1.5x damage than the original battle.

  • Mission 6J – Giant Flying Demonic Beast Demo-Zonnom (Beast)

Demo-Zonnom has 2.0x the damage and health of Demo-Nonnom and has all of Zonnom's new moves. Beating him gives you the ability to recruit Zonnomoton in armies.

Mission 7 – Desert of the Constant Sandstorms (Journey)

You begin marching past basic desert terrain. Some Zigoton Towers will wave you through. Soon the sandstorms start. They will not allow you to pass and will slowly kill you unless you have brought the Calm Wind Flute. If you to, Helpaton will construct the Mira Piano. Play the Mira song Mira, MiraMira, MiraMira while in Rage mode with the Calm Wind Flute with you to unleash the Disaster Dance. Complete the dance to make a flute appear that will blow some calm winds in. You can now progress to the end.

  • Mission 7B – Hunting in the Sandy Lands (Hunting)

You can play this mission after beating Mission 7. It is a basic hunting mission only with rarer animals. It is the same length as Mission 7, and there are no sandstorms or Zigoton Towers, only the ruins. It appears they have been demolished by Patapon!

Mission 8 – The Oasis Gate (Army)

The Zigoton are currently sending out scouts to scout the oasis while a small camp is posted right outside. Suddenly, the Patapon come, crossing the desert, making it rain! The Zigoton have a harder time seeing units to attack in the rain, and can use the Calm Wind Flute to blow the clouds away for a small amount of time. Hold off the Patapon until it is safe to enter the oasis!

Mission 9 – The Dried-Up Dondon Basin (Journey)

In this mission you have to scout the area for Patapon. There are not any. Then the pianos flip and you have to bring Zigoton to their stations in case the Patapon do decide to visit.

Mission 10 – Box of Enlightenment (Journey)

The newborn Zigoton children were chosen to enter the Box of Enlightenment and learn about the Zigoton prophecy. However, it appears they have not returned. One of the two Hataton decides to bring a small army into the box. After journeying around a bit, a voice from deep within the room stirs, blasting the army. The Hataton, the only survivor, is relayed the prophecy and told that he shall one day unleash this beast from his prison. The Hataton disagrees, but the beast forces him to or die. The Hataton is also told he must tell nobody else about this.


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