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Ziama Prime is a planet within the Bleakverse. It is the main location for most projects in that universe, unless otherwise specified.


Revealed in the final chapter of Parvati: Written in the Stars, the creator of the planet was Parvati, who wanted to make a peaceful and happy planet for her former friends Caoimhe and Cameron. 


Ziama Prime is currently known as a planet within the Bleakverse, with many different continents, countries, colonies and islands. It is quite similar to the planet Earth, especially in areas such as climate and geography. However, the way the planet works is entirely different. Laws have a less prominent role in this society, with charges such as manslaughter and murder only having small prison sentences. The planet is a lot less populated than other planets, which also explains the lack of law enforcement. While specifics aren't known, it is believed the planet is only home to around 100,000 people. 

Technology is also far more advanced than Earth, meaning that the growth of the planet is far more rapid than other planets.


  • Ziama Prime was originally titled "Oxomaca", however this was later changed.

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