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Ziama Prime is a remade version of the "Illusionverse" with new characters, new story lines and plots. All of the content in Ziama Prime is created by Solarrion (tbc), unless otherwise specified. It is the connection point between all of the properties that Solarrion has created, with every franchise having specific links to the universe or other projects in succession to form a timeline. This timeline has an undetermined length, which makes it easily to slot in new content without having to change much around. 


Ziama Prime is currently known as a planet within the New Fantendoverse, with many different continents, countries, colonies and islands. It is quite similar to the planet Earth, especially in areas such as climate and geography. However, the way the planet works is entirely different. Laws have a less prominent role in this society, with charges such as manslaughter and murder only having small prison sentences. The planet is a lot less populated than other planets, which also explains the lack of law enforcement. While specifics aren't known, it is believed the planet is only home to around 100,000 people. 

Technology is also far more advanced than Earth, meaning that the growth of the planet is far more rapid than other planets.




Logo Synopsis
The Temple of Paradise [PRIME 03]
Queen of Liars [PRIME 10]
Shrines [PRIME 12]
Hymns of Helios [PRIME 12]
Diamond Days [PRIME 13]
Hypnotize [PRIME 13]
Hypnotic Shrines: Freaks of Nature [PRIME 14]
Tessellate [PRIME 15]
Tessellate: Bad Luck [PRIME 15]
Wild Dreamers [PRIME 17]
Empire [PRIME 19]
Prime Time [PRIME 20]
Born Again [Year 0]


  • Ziama Prime was created as a successor to the Illusionverse, to correct the mistakes which were taken with the former universe.
    • This led to a lot of the story of the universe being planned ahead instead of being randomly created, a problem the former universe suffered with, as a lot of projects were being created and not finished, making the continuity as a whole lacking and have several gaps.
  • Ziama Prime is the name of the actual planet as opposed to a play on words involving the username of the creator, like the previous universe was (Illusionverse).
  • Ziama Prime was originally titled "Oxomaca", however this was later changed.

Solarrion Project Beorn to Die · Born Again · Constellations · DESPAIR · Diamond Days · Eclipse: The Glass Moon · Empire · Falling Down · Fantendo - Factions · Fantendo Smash Bros. Remix · Fire Emblem: New Believers · Hymns of Helios · Hypnotize · Parvati: Written in the Stars · Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight · Queen of Liars · Shrines · Super Mario Monochrome · Super Smash Bros. Equinox · Tessellate · Tessellate: Bad Luck · Tessellate: Mind Games · Tess Tracker · The Temple of Paradise · Wild Dreamers

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