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ZiJaws is a shark species character that is seen in two episodes titled Jaws Rock and Underwater of Revenge from Mika Wora  series

Gender Male
Species Shark
Current Status Dead
Class Villain
Terroism Tokyo
Main Weapon(s) Teeth
Ability/ies Sharp Jaws
Nationality Unknown
Height 6.54 feet
Weight Unknown
First Appearance Jaws Rock
Latest Appearance Underwater of Revenge


He just look like a great white shark, but has legs


  • In Ep Jaws Rock, he is terroism Tokyo for unknown reasons, but later was defeated by Mika Wora characters to stop him from terroism Tokyo, after he getting defeated by Mika Wora characters, his body were thrown to the ocean
  • In Ep Underwater of Revenge, taking place three months later after he was getting defeated by Mika Wora characters to stop him from terroism Tokyo and thrown to ocean , the lighting electric strike to ocean on him and revived him. After he got revived, he open his eyes and heading back to Tokyo and attempts to terroism Tokyo again, ZiJaws was later fails to destroy Tokyo city because he was defeated by Mika Wora characters once again. After he got defeated again, however, his body was not to be thrown to the ocean once again, that his body was thrown to the swamp, after that, he was no longer to be revived again by the light strike again