Zeus guy

Zeus Guy is a type of Bandit who wears a karate gi. They are the cream of the crop as Shy Guys go, and as such are usually enlisted as elite troops. That black belt isn't just for show: it's a warning, too. A Zeus Guy is not afraid to send rapid-fire punches and kicks in the direction of their opponent, and their ultimate attack is a thunderous ball of energy not unlike a Hadouken.

Pokey's Island

Zeus Guys were once one of the many peaceful types of creatures who lived on Pokey's Island. They were famous lovers of nature, and helped preserve much of the island's natural beauty. However, the evil King Pokey tried to hypnotize them into joining his army. Although the Zeus Guys' wills were too strong to be swayed by the hypnosis, they respected the King's boldness and chose to serve him.

They are semi-common enemies in the game, appearing mostly in the later worlds. They will immediately begin trying to attack Pokey upon spotting him. Their energy-charging attack in this game takes the form of a yellow cotton ball, which they can fire at Pokey from any direction. Zeus Guys are notoriously tough to beat, and can't be fazed by any of Pokey's regular attacks. One room in World 13-1 contains two Zeus Guys: if the player defeats both of them, they are awarded a Pink Flower.

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