XShop (also known as Cross Shop) is the Zeta Nebula's digital game service, which can be accessed through the system itself, as well smartphone and PC devices, as long as the user has registered his account in the console itself. The XShop allows players to buy the latest games as well to download new applications. XShop also has the Developer's Showcase subsection, which works like Early Access for indie and big studios to release early versions of the game to people to them to check out and let them comment on the game's progress. The XShop's major feature is cloud-based gaming, allowing for players to "stream" Zeta Nebula games on their smartphones and PCs. Players can utilize the Zeta Nebula controller or map the controls for other kinds of controllers, all types of controllers are supported by the XShop service.

List of purchasble software


Title Type Release Date Notes
CrunchyrollBanner Subscription based anime streaming 2017
TwitchBanner Online video streaming 2017 Players can stream their Zeta Nebula games utilizing Twitch.
VimeoBanner Video sharing 2017 Players can upload their playthrough of Zeta Nebula games utilizing Vimeo.
YouTubeBanner Video sharing 2017 Players can upload their playthrough of Zeta Nebula games utilizing YouTube.
PlexBanner Video, music and photo organizer and streaming 2017
VesselBanner Video streaming 2017
BBCPlayerBanner BBC streaming service 2017


Title Genre Release Date Notes
StardewValleyBanner Simulation - RPG 2017
FootballManager2016Banner Simulation - Management 2017
RocketLeagueBanner Sports - Racing 2017
UndertaleBanner RPG 2017
Dungeons&DragonsChroncilesOfMystaraBanner Beat 'em up - RPG 2017
SuperhotBanner FPS 2017
AlienHominidHDBanner Run 'n gun - Platform 2017
ResidentEvil4Banner Third-person shooter - Survival horror 2017
BloodrayneBetrayalBanner Platformer - Action 2017
DanganronpaBanner Visual novel - Adventure 2017
MinecraftBanner Sandbox - Adventure 2017
SirYouAreBeingHuntedBanner Survival horror - Adventure 2017
Super Smash Bros. Melee HD
Fighting 2017
BlackBanner FPS 2017
CastlevaniaJudgmentBanner Fighting 2017
DoomIIBanner FPS 2017
Pocky&RockyBanner Shoot 'em up 2017
Pocky&Rocky2Banner Shoot 'em up 2017
Rayman3Banner Platformer 2017
SonicAdventure2Banner Platformer 2017
MarkOfTheNinjaBanner Platformer - Action 2017
XCOMEnemyWithinBanner Strategy - Management 2017
ABoyAndHisBlobBanner Platformer - Puzzle 2017
CastleCrashersBanner Beat 'em up 2017
DisasterDayOfCrisisBanner Survival horror - Adventure 2017
GodHandBanner Action - Beat 'em up 2017
GuacameleeBanner Adventure - Platformer 2017
JetSetRadioBanner Platformer - Adventure 2017
MaxPayneBanner Third-person shooter 2017
MaxPayne2Banner Third-person shooter 2017
MercenaryKingsBanner Shooter - Platformer 2017
MetalSlug3Banner Run 'n gun - Platformer 2017
MountAndBladeWarbandBanner Action - RPG 2017
OlliOlliBanner Platformer 2017
ResidentEvilTheDarksideChroniclesBanner Arcade shooter 2017
ResidentEvilTheUmbrellaChroniclesBanner Arcade shooter 2017
SilentHill2Banner Survival horror - Adventure 2017
SilentHillShatteredMemoriesBanner Survival horror - Adventure 2017
SonicAndAllStarsRacingTransformedBanner Racing 2017
SonicAndSegaAllStarsRacingBanner Racing 2017
SystemShockBanner FPS - Adventure 2017
TakeshisChallengeBanner Puzzle - Platform 2017
TerrariaBanner Sandbox - Platform 2017
TheConduitBanner FPS - Action 2017
TheConduit2Banner FPS - Action 2017
ToeJamAndEarlBanner Adventure 2017
Amy vs The Future
RPG 2017
Fighting 2017
Herodads: Showering Force
Action - Shower 2017
Bowie: Savior of Stitchonia
Platformer 2017
DevilMayCry4SpecialBanner Hack 'n' slash 2017
InternationalSuperstarSoccerDeluxeBanner Sports 2017
LuigisMansionDarkMoonBanner Action adventure 2017
MarvelSuperHeroesBanner Fighting 2017
NewSuperMarioBrosBanner Platformer 2017

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