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Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Zeta Labs
Manufacturer(s) Zeta Labs
Product Family Zeta
Console Type Home console
Generation 9th Generation
Online Connectivity Available, both through Wi-Fi and Wired connections.
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017
Media Blu-Ray
CPU Intel Core i7-6700K
GPU MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G
System on Chip AMD Phenom II
1080p 60fps, cloud-based gaming, Oculus Rift support, interconnectivity with smartphones and PCs, off TV play, open source.

The Zeta Nebula is a fan console originally created by Lone Planet Productions, under the codename N3BULA. However, the rights to the console were sold to Zeta Labs, whom put the console under development in 2016 and set a release date for 2017. The Zeta Nebula is meant to be a simple video game console with it being dedicated for games-only, with it's own programming language, meant to be easy to understand, allowing to established video game developers to make games faster and to allow indie game developers to port their games to the system.

It comes with it's own operating system, which has been designed for easy and fast use, with the designers using modern smartphones as a base. The operative system allows to multiple applications to run at once, allowing to players to utilize other applications like Music Player to work while they play a game or utilize another application. Players can connect the system with their Android devices and modern televisions with internet connections, allowing them to play Zeta Nebula games through cloud gaming streaming.

The system's specifications are based upon modern gaming computers, which allows the system to stay up-to-date with the current capabilities for gaming. It is a 9th generation system and a competitor to Toroko's and Illusion Works's Pacifico.


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Greenlighted Developers

Like The V², it is required permission from the system's author .vectorDestiny (tbc) in order to make games for the Zeta Nebula, as a quality control system. The developers on the list below can do games without having to request permission.




The NebulaOS is the Zeta Nebula's operating system, made for easy understanding and fast use. It features a section for Quick Selection, in which the players put their favorite apps on display, so it makes them access their favorite applications easier. The main screen of the OS also features a messages section, that informs the user of possible system updates, friend requests and application notifications. By pressing the Menu button, the player can go to the Applications Screen, which showcases all the downloaded applications and games, similar to the Wii's OS.


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XShop (also known as Cross Shop) is the Zeta Nebula's digital game service, which can be accessed through the system itself, as well smartphone and PC devices, as long as the user has registered his account in the console itself. The XShop allows players to buy the latest games as well to download new applications. XShop also has the Developer's Showcase subsection, which works like Early Access for indie and big studios to release early versions of the game to people to them to check out and let them comment on the game's progress.

The XShop's major feature is cloud-based gaming, allowing for players to "stream" Zeta Nebula games on their smartphones and PCs. Players can utilize the Zeta Nebula controller or map the controls for other kinds of controllers, all types of controllers are supported by the XShop service.



System Inclusion Other Inclusions
Mini Set ($150,00) 4GB Zeta Nebula console (solid blue), one Zeta Star controler (white and blue) A free XShop Classic game (either Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog or Crash Bandicoot).
Basic Set ($299.99) 8GB Zeta Nebula console (steel blue), two Zeta Star controllers (light blue). XShop 1000 points card, a free XShop Classic game (either Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog or Crash Bandicoot).
Deluxe Set ($399,99) 16GB Zeta Nebula console (light blue), two Zeta Star controllers (steel blue) XShop 1000 points card, a free Nebula game (either Eternika, Amy vs. the Future or Lil' Space Man) and a free XShop Calssic game (either Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog or Crash Bandicoot).




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