Zero Hour is a collection of Nine Inch Nails songs remixed by Fantendo users. It is currently unknown which users will be involved in the remixing, aside from Cobweb (tbc), but Hemu (tbc) and various others have shown some interest.


The remixes consist mostly of tracks from the album "Year Zero."

Making Remixes

The individual tracks for remixing of every song on "Year Zero" and "The Slip" are available toward the middle of this page, available for any interested user to remix and submit.
Click the link below "full length" and next to the name of the desired song to download the tracks.

Tools Necessary

Audacity, necessary to edit the .wav files is free to download here.

Uploading Remixes

Save the completed remix as an .ogg file and upload it onto Fantendo. Post it here.

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