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Zero Energy is a character from the Power Mario series. He is more commonly known as Zero.
Zero Energy GBA DS

Zero in Power Mario DS


Power Mario NES

Zero Energy is first introduced in Power Mario NES as a villain. He has all his current abilities in this game. He is fought in Sector 3 Castle as a Sector Boss and Sector 9 Tower as a miniboss.

Power Mario SNES

In Power Mario SNES, Zero Energy is not a villain or a hero. He is an antihero similar to Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic series. He assists the player once in the Sector 5 Castle with fighting the boss and acts as a miniboss in the Sector 7 Castle (because of a slight problem that Mario created with him).

Power Mario GameCube

In Power Mario GameCube Zero actually assists the team for the whole game. He is a secret unlockable character to play as, if you go to the Sector 1 Tower and find the hidden Portal and get all the Zoom Coins in World 1. 

Power Mario GBA

In Power Mario GBA, Zero is a default playable character along with Mario, Peach, and Luigi. His stats are: 

Strength: 75/100

Agility: 99/100

Luck: 10/100

Fighting skills: 100/100

Overall: 85/100

Power Mario DS

In Power Mario DS Zero acts as a Helper and his minions, the Negators, are used as items. However, he is an optional unlockable character. To get him, you have to go to S8-P6 and jump on the second Bullet Bill that comes out of the second Blaster using Luigi or Moneybag and land on the brick ledge over the level. Then, walk along the ledge until you fall off into a pit. You will lose one life, but a cutscene will be shown where Luigi or Moneybag (depending on the one you're using) finds Zero unconscious on the ground. Then, the playing character will wake him up and after a brief explanation Zero joins your party as a Helper.

Power Mario Wii

In Power Mario Wii, Zero makes two appearances as a cameo, and there is a rumor that he can be unlocked as a character, but the rumor hasn't been proved. His first cameo is in S1P1 where he can be seen on a "Thank You" poster, and the second is in S10P10 where he is seen on a "Wanted" poster. Apparently the Mushroom Kingdom has mixed feelings about Zero. 

Power Mario 3DS

In Power Mario 3DS Zero is an item. The item sucks all the enemies you're fighting into a void and doesn't give you any XP for the enemies.

Paper Power Mario

In Paper Power Mario, Zero Energy is a boss in Chapter 3, but when you defeat him he will join your team. He is an optional boss located in Chapter 3-3 (The Peripheral Void) inside the covered door.

Power Mario Wii U

In Power Mario Wii U Zero is a helper character once again, but this time if he helps in a battle, the player will be awarded a VIP Badge every 3 battles in a row he helps. The VIP badge can be used twice, and it refills your FP.

Power Mario Alpha

Zero is the main character in Power Mario Alpha.


Zero can:

(As an item) suck up enemies

Standard jump attack

Throw fire from his own body

Summon an army of Negators that swarm the enemy

(Villain) Generate sparks from his body that protect him.

(Helper) Make VIP badges.


Zero looks slightly like a Hothead but also resembles a blue vortex of fire. His Paper version looks like his other sprites/artworks except with the Paper style.


  • So far, Zero has only appeared in the Power Mario series.
  • Zero is the only known character in the Power Mario series to waver between alignments
  • Zero is shown to be very cunning


Zero Energy NewEra (Wii and Wii U)

Zero Energy GBA DS (Handhelds and GC)

Zero Energy NES (SNES, NES)



At first, Mario is an enemy of Zero, but they gradually become friends and later best friends.


Koin is a Moneybag that Zero is great friends with.


The Negators are Zero's friends and minions and they are always faithful to their master.


In Paper Power Mario Zero is allied with Dimentio, but in Chapter 5, Dimentio suddenly disappears with no explanation.


Zero associates a little bit with Bowser in the SNES and NES versions of Power Mario.


Zero doesn't meet Umbra until Power Paper Mario Chapter 4, but they turn out to be the best of friends. (It is never explained how Zero first met Umbra, as in the dialogue of the scene he says, "I've seen you before...")


Zero Energy Theme (Hero)

Zero Energy Theme (Hero)

Zero Energy Theme (Evil)

Zero Energy Theme (Evil)

Zero Energy Battle Theme

Zero Energy Battle

Music when it is Zero's turn in a battle

Zero Energy Helping in a Battle

Zero Energy Battle Theme Remix

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