Zero (Megaman)
Zero's look in Megaman X
Full Name Zero (Megaman)
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Z-Saber
First Appearance Megaman X
Latest Appearance Megaman Generations

Zero is a highly sophisticated robot and comrade of MegaMan X. Both are "Maverick Hunters" trying to defeat the evil Sigma, a cyborg tyrant who rules the dystopian future that is their alternate reality.

​Appearences in Fanon Games

Megaman Generations

He appears in Megaman Generations. He has platforming stages, and attacks with melee attacks. He is also the only character that is not named Megaman.

Mega Man: Dimension Journey 3

He appears as a playable character in this game. Mega Man and Proto Man descover him during a hostage case and Zero attacks them at first sight. When he realises who they are, he joins them on their fight against other villains. He uses his Z-Saber as a weapon.


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