Zero 2, Zero's form in Kirby 64.
Full Name Zero (0)
Current Age Unknown
Gender N/A
Species Dark Matter
Align Evil
Current Status Unknown
Class Final Boss, Secret Boss
Vulnerable To Love-Love Stick
Crystal Gun
Zero 2 (0²/02/Zero Two)
Leader of the Dark Matter

Zero, also written as 0, is the master of the Dark Matter and an uncommon villain in the Kirby series. Zero is a being filled with the hatred for all life and is bent on complete destruction of everything. It primarily does so by targetting the Pop and Ripple Stars. Zero has canonically risen from death once and Fanonically several times, some Fanon versions refer to Zero as a Dead Kirby, while others refer to Zero as a mass of Dark Matter fused together.

During the events of Kirby 64, Zero has taken the form of Zero 2 (also written as 02, or Zero Two).


Zero has two canonical renditions, his original from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and his 02 Form from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Zero's original appearance was simply of a massive white floating blob that had a single large Red Eye, sometimes when threatened Zero would reveal 6 red slits near its eye that are able to fire Red Blobs at its enemy. Other than its sheer size, Zero is very simplistic.

02, Zero's second version and the undead version has a more complex design. still maintaining the Red Eye and Blob like shape, 02 is able to hide its main eye to and has two small Black Dots that act as False Eyes. In addition to this, 02 has developed a small nub on the bottom of its body that appears similar to a tail. In addition 02 also has large Crystalline-like Wings with Six, Red ends to them. The last main feature of 02 is its Halo which is likely a reference to its resurrection. In addition to these features, 02 has a Bandaid on top of its head possibly from when it battled Kirby as well as a throny tail structure that only appears when its Halo has changed colour several times.


Zero controls Dark Matter, it can spawn Dark Matter from its body or absorb them. Another attack it often utilizes is shooting red blobs at its foes. It also has the ability to possess other beings regardless if they're light or dark which it showed by possessing the Fairy Queen, similar to how regular Dark Matters can posess creatures with some evil in their hearts. Zero is possibly unkillable as it is never defined how it returned from the dead after Kirby's Dreamland 3, it seemingly becomes more complex or more powerful with each return.

Fanon Appearances

Kirby: Onslaught

With help from one of its stronger followers, Zero is once again resurrected as the now hideous Zero-Three. Dark Matter once again seizes an array of planets, but is defeated once again by Kirby and the Crystal. This is the very first time Dark Matter used corporeal beings as soldiers, rather than possessing creatures to fight for them.

Kirby: Dark Fury

Dark Matter once again returns, but Zero's latest incarnation has yet to be seen. What could it possibly be?

Darklight Studios Appearances

Kirby: King of Dreamland

In this game, Zero's essence remained in the Dark Matter that survived the destruction of 02. These Dark Matter formed together to recreate Zero, however in the process caused a fissure in Time-Space creating Dark Zero, a corrupted form of Zero. Unable to maintain itself in the normal bounds of Space, Dark Zero used the Dark Matter to bring Kirby to it so it could defeat Kirby and take over the Universe by warping it to livable standards. Dark Zero is defeated in a massive explosion shredding its body into billions of tiny particles.

Kirby Doom of Dreamland

Like its predecessor, King of Dreamland, in Doom of Dreamland a few Dark Matter survived. This time however without the essence of Zero within them, these Dark Matter summoned Nova to bring back Zero. In doing so Zero in an even more powerful form than the last 3 times appears simply seeking revenge on Kirby by utterly destroying numerous planets including Pop Star.

Super Mario: Dimension Journey

Zero 1, 2 and 3 appear as the final bosses of the game. 0 & 02 are found in Ultra Heaven whilst 03 is found in Dark Star.