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You may join the list just ask me :)

Zeroxd1 Designer and Publisher

Upcoming Games

Cell: A game mixed with open world a spore like games and first person shooter  planned for release on february 12 Planned Releases Xbox 360 PS3 PC

Orise Elite Racing Sports 13 and 13 a racing game planned to have 50-1000 cars planned also for release on february  23 2013 Planned Releases Xbox 360 PS3 WII WIIU and Pc Zerostrike X and Neo

Warriors Of Age 1 or I planned release date based on medieval times can play as a charecter and control a civilization Army and World Planned Releases  of now: ZeroStrike X Xbox 360 Ps3 possible for Wii And Wii U and Pc

Law Break A Continously Delayed Game finally planned for release since 1999 the main point is too commit crimes and break the law without being busted and sent to jail the game ends when your death sentence comes from a serious crime  Planned Consoles Xbox 360 PS3 Wii WiiU PC Neo Hybrid Delta and ZeroStrike X


Talk about how you feel about the company :)

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