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The Zerinto Shop is a recurring location in the Power Mario games. It is also a place in the Fantendoverse, Isis to be exact, where Fantendo users can buy items.


Pabels: Used to be two, but one burned down.

Zerinto: All over the place. One is run by Zero Energy.

Power Castle (Game Only): There is a small express station at Power Castle.

Geeko Branch (Cameo, Game Only): On top of the Life Tree, on the Geeko Branch, if you look closely there is a blurry Zerinto Shop in the distance.

Zerinto Store (Course in Mario Kart: Race Like The Wind): Zerinto Store is a reference to Zerinto Shop. This track features a techno background sound similar to the music produced by Zerinto and shows Zero Energy waving at you when you drive past the counter. Negators are cheering for you in the bleachers, and this course also features Zerinto's beach when you drive out of the store.


(In the games, you can turn in Coins for Currency.)

2 Coins = 1 zeruro

10 Coins = 1 iggi = 5 zeruros

50 Coins = 1 lemmi = 5 iggies = 25 zeruros

100 Coins = 1 repeqwer = 2 lemmies = 10 iggies = 50 zeruros.

Items available for Fantendo

1. Glowzers (Price: Free/Unavailable.)

2. Custom Avatar (Price: 5 zeruros.)

3. Game Logo (Price: 1 iggi.)

4. Custom Wordart (Price: 1 iggi.)

5. Code Snippet (Price: Free/1 lemmi.)

6. Videogame Request (Price: 3 lemmies.)

7. Artwork Request (Price: 1 repeqwer.)

Selling Items (Fantendo)

Users are able to sell their items for money. However, the other user must have money. (To be in possession of money, ask the manager of Zerinto Shop.) You can do the selling on the designated page, Isis Bartering and Selling.

Items Available for Power Mario

1. Assorted Pak of Items (Price: 0.5 repeqwers.)

2. Random Box (Price: free/1 zeruro.)

3. Shroom Shake (Price: 1 zeruro.)

4. <insert your name here>'s Head and Limbs (Price: We will pay you to get them off our hands!!)

5. All Items In Game (Price: 100 repeqwers.)

Checkout (Fantendo)

If you have money, tell any info you have regarding the purchase (request, etc.) to Zero Energy. Then, he will take money and give you the item or start working on it. If you don't have money, ask Zero Energy for help. You can find your received money in MyUsername/Zerinto Bank Storage. 

Checkout (Game)

Zero will simply give you the item and take the money. Then he will say something like, "Have a nice day!" The character can choose to buy another item or to leave.

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