Gender Male
Location Koopa Kingdom (former)
Aether Kingdom (current)
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Boomerang

Zephyrus Angiulle, also known as Zeph is Koopa noble and one of Kharon’s friends.


Zephyrus is an under-confident and easily frightened Boomerang Bro from a nearby kingdom. His true wish is to be a brave and confident warrior, who can rise to any challenge and overcome it with ease.


Zephyrus was born to Fabion and Aquila Angiulle, their second child after their daughter, Cecelia. Zeph's family were very rich, having been descended from Koopa royalty, and lived in a grand estate outside of Koopa City.

Zeph proved very easily terrified as a hatchling, mostly by several toys that belonged to his sister Cecelia, such as a Dry Bones marionette that hung in her room and an old wooden dollhouse set that she played with. Because of his fearful nature, Zeph would become very timid and reclusive later in life. As he grew older, Zeph developed an interest in becoming a Boomerang Bro, much to the chagrin of his Business Brother father and Career Sister mother, who wanted their son to follow in the family business like Cecelia did.

Sometime later, Zeph's family decided it was time for a change in scenery, so they moved to the distant town of Galestrom in the Aether Kingdom. Due to his shy nature, Zeph found it difficult making friends in this new town, and chose to spend most of his free time at the nearby museum, chilling out in the café.


  • Zephyrus' shares his name with the Greek god of the west wind, while his surname is a corruption of "angle".

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