Your kind are not welcome here! The rainforest is pristine and I intended to keep it that way!

Zephyr Quetzal
Zephyr Quetzal
Obsessed protector of the rainforest
Full Name Zephyr Quetzal
Gender Male-programming
Current Status Decommissioned
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Gust Bazooka
First Appearance Megaman Tempo: Sanity's Affliction

Quetzal is a Mk VII medium-chassis Temproid who is a former member of the Repliforce Air Force. Once a respectful soldier, he led a squadron of temproids and mechaniloids into the jungles of South America when maverick mechaniloids began to go haywire in the area and cause ample destruction to the precious rainforests. Unfortunately for Quetzal, Goth himself was behind the infections, and while he fought as best he could, he could not best the Maverick King. As such, he was infected directly by Goth to serve as one of his Maverick Generals. Quetzal was then left to guard the rainforests while Goth sought out greener pastures.

Zephyr Quetzal Silly

A silly image of Quetzal.

A year later, the Repliforce sent in another temproid squadron, this time led by Slug from the Repliforce Army. Slug had a grueling battle ahead of him, and most of his squadron were destroyed or converted into mavericks themselves before he finally encountered Quetzal. Challenging the Maverick General to one-on-one combat, an intense battle broke out and Slug nearly defeated Quetzal, but the Goth Virus had made Quetzal significantly stronger than he had been before and his signature weapon happened to be too powerful for Slug to contend with. In anger for Slug's having burnt down large swathes of rainforests due to his fire-based weaponry, but at the same time understanding the power his enemy before him had wielded in combat, Quetzal turned him into a Maverick General as well. Slug now serves near Quetzal within the Ragnarok Weapon.

Eventually, Tempo would come calling on Quetzal to help get to Goth as well as prove he had not gone maverick himself. Quetzal put up a fight, but was eventually destroyed by Tempo.

Quetzal's signature weapon is the Gust Bazooka, an air cannon that fires a swirling vortex of air that separates some distance from the barrel, splitting into concentrated wind arcs in an X pattern.


Zephyr Quetzal

  • Affiliation: Repliforce Army (former), Gothic Mavericks
  • Hit Points: 28
  • Level: Jungle Reserve
  • Location: Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Behind the scenes


  • Quetzal is currently the only known Maverick ever to be infected directly by Goth who did not end up being turned into a Maverick Lord. Coincidentally, however, Taps, who was not directly infected by Goth, would later become a Maverick Lord.