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Zenze S
The leaked concept art and a mockup of what it could of have looked like
Developer(s) Zen Studios
Manufacturer(s) Zen Studios
Product Family xWC
Storage 32GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi
Release Date(s)
Media Disks, Downloadable


The Zenze S was the original concept for a cheaper Zenze. It was later replaced by Zen Tab.

The console would've been manufactured and developed by Zen Studios and it'd of have ran Zen OS.

It would've used the same controllers as Zenze.

The leaked specifications show that the console would of have had 32GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi connectivity. It'd of have used both disks and downloadable content.

While there is no way to know for sure, the idea was most likely scrapped near June 2016, a month after Zen Tab was revealed.


  • The console was codenamed "S" during development, in reference to the S in its name.
    • It's strangely the only Zen Studios console that was in development with a codename that didn't start with "Project:"
  • Due to the console's name, it was most likely planned after Zen's rename to Zenze.

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