A list of summonings that can be called on to assist Neo in the game, Zenos. They can either be summoned with Summoning Slabs or AR Cards.

  • Glob: A basic enemy, it is meant for mostly defense, it's attack isn't really that good.
  • Tyrano: A dinosaur summoning, it has great attack and blocking strength, including speed as well.
  • Tavano: A winged horned dragon like creature, it is rare to find, it is usually found in Spiritual Outlook.
  • Fennic: A blazing fox that attacks with its burning flames, it can evade many attacks and strike enemies in a flash.
  • Titan: One of the main summonings in the game, it has a variety of different forms, it combines attack and defense, but lacks speed.
  • Luna: A crescent shaped figure that helps Neo in physical like abilities, such as healing him.
  • Serpent: A fast, slithering creature that can poison other enemies with its fast speed and critical attacks.
  • Hale: Another enemy that is meant for defense, it fights really well in water like areas.

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