Zenos is an upcoming Action-Adventure RPG Game developed by SuyoGames for the Wii U. It is scheduled to be released in 2013.


Epilogue: Uprising

The story takes place in a interesting city called Zalleos, where some people have special talents and gifts for some reason.

The story begins with the main character, Lloyd running with his flaming sword, attacking robot like creatures who are chasing him, he then escapes and is approached by his father Kaizer as a hologram, Kaizer tells to his son that his sister is now in his hands now, and he is going to investigate her special abilities that will be used for his works, and plans on world domination. Lloyd then leaves and continues to fight off Kaizer's minions, in order to protect his sister.

Chapter 1: The Hero Rises

Chapter 2: A Thousand Miles

Chapter 3: Alone


Players go through huge 3D environments, fighting many types of enemies such as Titans and robot like creatures, the game features RPG elements like a level-up system, and the player can play as 3 characters, a fire wielding sword character (Lloyd), a water mage/sorceress (Sarah), and a electrical warrior (Lux), as they go on a quest to rescue Lloyds sister, who has mysterious abilities that will help his father, Kaizer on controlling the world and making his own image. The player is able to swap characters at any time, and some characters are used to solve certain puzzles in the game.


  • Lloyd: The main character in the game, he is a brave and strong warrior who wields the Sword Of Infernos, a strong fiery sword that he uses to fight off Kaizers' troops.
  • Sarah: A new friend of Lloyd, she is a sorceress/mage who wants to help Lloyd on stopping his father and rescuing his sister. She wields the Staff Of Hydros.
  • Lux: A rival of Lloyd, but he later joins him on his quest, he has electrical powers and is a strong warrior, he doesn't wield a weapon though, his weapon is his electrical powers, which are very useful and strong.
  • Zin: A cube like robot who was enslaved by Kaizer after he took over his homeland, but he betrayed him and wants to help rescue his family and homeland, he then later assists Lloyd on stopping Kaizer.
  • Kaizer: A scientist and also Lloyd's father, he is a corrupted man who plans on taking over the world, creating robots and also using Lloyds sister to help his mysterious plan.
  • Nicole: Lloyd's little sister who has mysterious powers and are extremely powerful, Kaizer has studied her powers and is finally using her for some sort of plan.
  • Kira: A dangerous hunter who was sent by Kaizer to destroy Lloyd, he is very dangerous, and uses the Cannon Of Chaos as his weapon, and apparently can also fly using his cannons hover mode.
  • The Seven Numbers: A organization consisting of 7 dark beings who plan to create the Black Sun once again and cover Zalleos with darkness.
  • Seis: A notable member of the Seven Numbers.


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