The moment that you show weakness is the moment you lose.
Zenaida, Angels Among Us

Full Name Zenaida
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Temple of the Divine Serpent
Current Status Alive
Class Ninja-Warrior
Order of the Divine Serpent
Main Weapon(s) Katana, Dual Tantō
Height 5'7"/170 cm
Zena, The Blind Blade

Zenaida, also known as The Blind Blade, is a protagonist and playable character in Angels Among Us. She is a blind ninja-warrior who uses her immaculate sense of hearing to detect enemy movements. She is also the founder of the Order of the Divine Serpent, which defends the Temple of the Divine Serpent.


Zenaida was born to a prominent ninja-warrior family that served as guards of the Temple of the Divine Serpent. When she was 12 years old, the Temple was attacked by a nomadic, barbarian tribe. Her family and other guardians of the Temple successfully fended off the attack with ease; however, Zenaida's eyes had been slashed in a reckless skirmish with one of the barbarians, leaving her blinded for life. She began wearing a black blindfold to hide the scars across her face. With the fear of dishonoring her family, Zenaida persevered from her disability and underwent extensive training. In a span of 7 years, Zenaida's progress as a ninja-warrior had ascended exponentially. Now a feared and respected name across the world, she has assumed control of the Order of the Divine Serpent, an organization that swears to defend and protect the Temple of the Divine Serpent.

Appearance and Personality

Zenaida has long, black hair with her hair tied up in the front. She wears a black blindfold that covers up the scars she received across her face and eyes. Despite her injury, she is considered to be very attractive among her peers.

Zenaida is a very free-spirited and strong-willed person. She is extremely loyal to her organization, the Order of the Divine Serpent, and would mercilessly slaughter anybody that would dare desecrate the Temple of the Divine Serpent. She is very aggressive at first impression and is usually unwelcoming to any outsiders; however, she shows a softer side of herself once the Angel assists her in defending the temple. Appearing weak is one of Zenaida's greatest fears, and is why she wears the blindfold to hide her facial scars.

Stats and Abilities

Ability Name and Cost Ability Description
25 Energy
In a flurry of wind, Zenaida appears behind the enemy target and backstabs them with her dual tantō. Inflicts 125 (+15 damage per level) base damage and deals 25 (+5 damage per level) damage over time for 5 seconds
Blind Strike
50 Energy
Zenaida charges at the enemy target and deals 200 (+25 damage per level) damage. Any additional enemy that is caught in the charge takes 100 (+25 damage per level) damage.


One doesn't know fear until they're forced to live in darkness for the rest of their lives.