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Zen Tab
Developer(s) Zen Studios
Manufacturer(s) Zen Studios
Product Family xWC
Storage 16GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi
Release Date(s)
Media Downloadable
Predecessor SantiTech TWC (Spiritual predecessor)

30 FPS

Zen Account

amiibo/NFC functionality


Zen Tab is a portable game console developed and manufactured by Zen Studios as a cheaper version of Zenze. It comes with Zen OS preinstalled.

It should be noted that this is not a successor to Zenze.

Zen Tab's bundled controller has a layout similar to the Steam Controller for easier navigation and compatibility with Android games.

The console has 16GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity. Unlike Zenze, the Zen Tab can't run games from disks.

The 2 of July, 2016 Zen Studios revealed the console's final design.


  • The Zen Tab was named "Project: Portable" during development.
  • Zen Studios stated that "[the Zen Tab] is not a successor to Zenze, but rather a more economic version of it".
  • The Zen Tab is not touchscren to make it more economic.
  • Zen OS on the Zen Tab looks more like the mobile version rather than the Zenze version.
    • This is because of the screen's resolution. It's too small to have the full TV console GUI and it's not touchscreen so it can´t have the mobile's. Zen Studios describes it as "a fusion of the two".

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